There are many challenges families face when maintaining their health. Eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, and getting checkups from the Doctor: these are all essential in your family’s wellbeing. But, keeping a clean home and one free from pests is an important facet that is often overlooked. 

According to the CDC, 1 in 6 people will get food poisoning this year. That is a lot of people. And if you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know it is a terrible experience. And we are all very aware of checking the expiration date on our food containers. Yet, we don’t pay nearly as much attention to pests which carry diseases into our home. 

According a Steve, who specializes in Pest Control in Melbourne FL., pests are a much bigger threat to your family than most people believe. “Roaches carry salmonella and diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and a host of other diseases when they enter your home. They are truly a crawling disease carrier” stated Steve. He went on to say “It should be noted that roaches are not the only bad guy. Ticks carry Lyme’s disease, rats and mice carry a list of bacteria and viruses too large to even list them all in this conversation. The bottom line is that pests are bad for your family.”

So, what are you doing to keep your family safe from pests? Are you making sure the perimeter of your home is treated to keep pests out? Are there mice living in your attic or roaches under the fridge? Chances are they ae there and you are too busy to even notice. They are experts at going undetected so by the time you notice them, you probably have an infestation. 

Steps You Can Take to Stay Pest Free

  • 1. Clean your home regularly
  • 2. Take the trash out of the home often
  • 3. Contact a pest control company for monthly maintenance
  • 4. Check your animals for ticks and fleas

You can literally keep your home pest free by spending an hour a month checking the finer details of your home and paying 50 to 100 bucks for an agent to treat your home. The spaces they treat include the basement, garage, and attic, all spaces that pests love to invade.