Rid Of Pests

We are back with a new and informative article. People regularly deal with the same issue and it is getting rid of pests. Pests are like those unwanted guests who come to our home uninvited and we have to do something to get rid of their presence. Pest control Geelong presents new ways and ideas to eradicate the existence of these harmful pests from your home with ease. 

Sometimes we can’t afford a pest control team to remove pests from our home. In this situation what can be done that could make our problem less severe or even completely vanish? If you are also thinking about the same problem or you also often deal with the same situation then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few tips which can help you a lot whenever you try to remove pests from your home by yourself. You don’t need to arrange a team and spend bucks. Just a little caution and smart work can save you from a long and disastrous problem.

To take advantage of these tips, kindly read the full article carefully. Let’s continue.

1. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean 

Pests are present in every corner of the house but there are some specific areas where the availability of these pests and insects is more, according to the pest control Geelong. These prone areas include the kitchen and bathroom. These are the room for small but harmful insects and are also very important for us. Without entering and using the kitchen and bathroom we can’t complete our daily activities. Now it becomes more important to stay cleaning these areas to avoid pests. 

Pests are often found in dirty areas and the chances of being dirty in the kitchen and bathroom are high. We should always clean the slabs and platforms of the kitchen and the floors and ceilings of the bathroom as well. The remains of food in the kitchen are a welcoming alarm for the pests to have a party in your kitchen. So make sure there are no waste food particles remaining in your kitchen. 

Keep your bathroom clean and dry. After using the bathroom you must make it dry for some time in a day to avoid the penetration of pests and insects. Use toilet cleaner at least two days a week, and clean the sink and pot. Once a week, you should clean your entire bathroom properly by using a harmless but good-quality of bathroom cleaner. 

2. Do not allow water to collect for days

We all know about the importance of water in our daily life but it is also advisable to preserve water in a safe and sanitised way. Do not allow waste or dirty water to collect in your home. Always check the pots and anything where water can be collected in your home. 

Waste and polluted water is the home of mosquitos and other harmful pests. These small creatures have the power to spread very dangerous and fatal diseases. We often become careless about this fact and eventually bear a high cost for our carelessness. The pest control Geelong approves the fact that if you don’t allow dirty water to store in your home, you can save your home from dangerous diseases and pests and insects. 

3. Gardening maintenance and disposal of garbage

People love gardening and it is one of the most inculcating habits among people. But we often forget and don’t have any idea about cleaning the garden waste properly and don’t make it a place for harmful pests and insects. Gardens have pits and holes which is the best place for water to store. After a few days, this stored water is made a home for mosquitos and welcomes diseases into our home. 

Always fill those pits and holes with soil. If your garden area has a pond or swimming pool, clean it on a regular basis. If you don’t have time to do this every day, you can clean your garden area two times in a week and remove the existence of pests in the garden. By cleaning the garden area you can block the entry of dangerous pests into your home.

We all have a bucket and box or anything where the garbage of everyday life is stored. We should clean that stored box because garbage and dirt attract pests and small insects. Proper disposal of garbage is very important. Do it regularly. If you have children and pets in your home then you must face the problem of spreading food across your home. It is a very dangerous thing and can increase exposure to diseases. Try to remove those food particles from your home and have relief from pests.

4. Do proper arrangements for the windows in your home

Windows and doors are the ways for the houseflies, mosquitos, bees and other insects to enter the house. In the evening time and in night the presence of these insects is high. If windows and doors are open in the evening or at night, we may have many insects in our homes in the morning. 

You should use nets for your windows and doors. Nets can prevent the entry of mosquitoes and houseflies into your home and give you the proper clearance of air and make the environment of your home fresh. Using a net is the most affordable and effective way to remove pests from the home. You should check the doors and windows whether they need maintenance or not. If yes, then repair doors and windows carefully. 

5. Use easy ingredients for pest control

We have very important ingredients in our home but sometimes we are not aware of their importance and use. There are a few valuable tips to use these ingredients as alternatives to remove pests from your home. Pest control Geelong ensures safety while using these ingredients. 

  • You can use white vinegar to remove pests such as small ants from your home. 
  • Do you know that many insects don’t like the presence of onions? To keep spiders away you can use sliced onions.
  • Apple cider vinegar to remove flies from your food items.
  • Spray vinegar to break the trail of ants.
  • You can use coffee grounds not just for making a cup of coffee but also can spread it in the areas where the chances of having pests and remove insects from your home because many pests don’t like the smell of coffee grounds.


By following above mentioned tips and tricks you can easily get rid of pests and insects. You don’t need to call a pest control team at your home. We will be back soon with another valuable article.

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