A closet can be more than a place to keep your clothes. Many closets double as a dressing room or sitting area, as well as the primary storage space for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Good closets integrate all of these elements seamlessly, creating a space that is functional, practical, durable, and attractive. This can often mean creating a closet that suits your space and lifestyle.

Check out some of our top custom closet ideas:

Vertical Space

Maximize vertical space. We see closets that don’t make use of enough vertical space. This leaves you with lots of wasted space that you don’t need. Worse, you might use it to store larger boxes or other clothes, which can lead to a messy and unorganized area.

Adjustable Systems

Choose an adjustable closet system that has side support rails and increment holes when installing your closet systems. This will allow you to adjust the height of your clothing rods or shelf as needed.


Although adding shelves may seem like a simple solution to a custom closet problem, most shelves are too low to properly store clothes. It doesn’t matter how large or small your closet is, you need to make sure that the shelves are sufficient to store and support all of your clothes. You should aim for shelves at least 14 inches deep.


Drawers can make your closet more organized. Drawers can be a great way to organize your clothes, particularly small items such as socks, undergarments, and scarves. You can quickly organize your closet and get dressed up in no time.

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