Virginia is for lovers and for travelers. The aesthetics of Virginia can be captivating, exciting, historical, and informational. History buffs love Virginia, its richness in history is vast and too much to explain here. Currently, the adventures found in the mountains and beaches are what will keep the family busy.

The Perfect Geography

Virginia has the perfect geography and access to major cities’ land opportunities. Virginia boasts a long mountain range, the Appalachia, the Shenandoah river, and caverns that are home to many wonders and land for sale. The Shenandoah provides water access on the west coast of Virginia. The west of Virginia has river activities, caverns, and mountain views of magnificent sunsets and sunrises. The Skyline Caverns are historic and educate explorers about stalagmites, stalactites, and the discovery of the anthodites. Anthodites are perfect six-sided crystalline structures made of pure calcite. This discovery is fantastic and held the attention of the children.

The east coast is all shoreline from the populated Potomac river that empties into the jellyfish-filled Chesapeake which flows out into the Atlantic via Virginia Beach, the city for lovers. What a great rich history sprinkled in the scenery, historic homes, grand adventures, and the birthplace of George Washington. Virginia is the state for lovers and the geography is perfect for the winter mountain cabin gatherings, summer beach home solitude, and suburban city mini-mansion parties all within 1-6 hour drives!

Tips for Traveling with the Kiddos

  • Adding these helpful tips for traveling can make your trip a little smoother.
  • Always pack familiar food for the kiddos
  • Bring a cooler for trips longer than 1 hour
  • Bring games and activities and the ipads of course
  • Use Screen time during the drive

Use an account to track your travel

Plan ahead but be ready for surprises, inclement weather, and road closures. During the height of Covid-19, activities were only sometimes updated online. Believe it, calling most places prior to arrival could help out with packing. Read and leave reviews to help create a record to review for next year online platforms like FaceBook and Yelp are great to start but there are apps made for travel. This can be helpful when planning outdoor activities with different-aged children.

Travel is a geat way to getaway that’s accessible had advantages before, during, and after a pandemic. One thing is for sure, we all need a vacation.

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