Custom Home Builder Vancouver
Thinking of creating a bathroom that is luxurious and relaxing is perhaps the best decision you are making. When we focus on self-care more and more these days, it becomes essential that you create a space in your home where you can relax and enjoy some quality time with just yourself. That is why a luxury ensuite bathroom will be a perfect indulgent space where you can relax and rejuvenate. 
Planning Luxury Bathroom with Custom Home Builder in Vancouver
When you are building your new house or renovating the old one, don’t overlook your bathroom. This is the place where you begin and end your day. This is the place where you will freshen up to face the world in the morning. Also, this is where you will unwind with a hot bubble bath after a long tiring day. So, you need to be very selective about what you are going to have in your master bathroom. When you hire the best custom home builder in Vancouver, you can share the following ideas with them so that they can create a piece of heaven right inside your home. They partner with the best tile setters, wholesalers and carpenters in the town. That is why rest assured when they take care of your bathroom design in the most luxurious and indulgent way.

Go for Neutral Colors and White
white bathroom
Imagine your bathroom to be just as relaxing as a spa. The way you can sit back and close your eyes in the spa while enjoying a massage or relaxing aromatherapy, your bathroom should reflect the same mood. After all, this is where you will spend some important relaxing hours enjoying a bath. So, the color of the space should be soothing to the eyes. Painting the bathroom in rich beige and white will be the perfect idea for you. White brings a pristine elegance that is so essential when you are creating a space that speaks of luxury. The beige will also soothe your eyes without clashing with the appeal of white. 
Intricate Mosaic on Floor
mosaic floor in bathroom
One of the most contemporary styles for ensuite bathrooms is using intricate mosaic tiles on the floor. This is an attractive combination when you are painting your bathroom in white and beige. This will add a new characteristic to the entire place. When you are hiring the builders for luxury custom homes Vancouver, their tile setters will work on the floor and create the perfect look for your bathroom.
Double Sinks and Countertop
double sinks in bathroom
For creating the perfect visual symmetry, choose a marble countertop. You can also choose any other store. But make sure that the color remains white. When it is a luxury bathroom, you should go for a double sink. Obviously, a luxury bathroom should have an ample amount of space. And for such a spacious bathroom, two sinks are essential. Go for undermount style to create a clear clutter free look on the countertop. Reputed Vancouver home builders will offer you the best quality fixtures for your bathroom. 
Frameless Shower Stall and White Tub
Frameless Shower Stall and White Tub
Two important parts of the bathroom will be the shower stall and the tub. For the shower stall, you can keep the same tiles on the floors and walls. Choose frameless glass for the stall. This will add a illusion of space and provide a more open look to the bathroom.
When you are choosing the tub, go for traditional white tub and bronze faucets. It will look stunning in your bathroom. 
The Perfect Light
lighting in bathroom
In the bathroom, you need a lot of light, especially over the sink and mirror as you will be shaving or applying makeup. Keeping this in mind, companies like Roadhouse Homes offer different kinds of light fixtures that will be perfectly suited for the whole décor. 
So, what are you waiting for? Find the best builder in town and create an ensuite bathroom using these ideas. Once it is built, you are going to love this space.