Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation Denver-made impacts the overall feel of your home. Most bathrooms are much smaller than other rooms, but a simple facelift or a full renovation can make a remarkable difference.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to outdated fixtures, paint color, or tiles, use these bathroom renovation ideas to help you design an attractive and functional space that you can enjoy.

1. Ditch the Usual Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles used to be a go-to for walls, showers, and floors. But they’ve been overtaken by a sleeker trend: natural stone shower floors, backsplashes, and countertops.

Simple quartz, granite, or marble slab has a modern and clean look that tiles can’t match. Their maintenance and installation are significantly easier and faster than placing hundreds of perfectly leveled tiles.

Elegant bath renovation ideas inspire this design, so it will make your space feel like a high-end spa-like bathroom. You can achieve a more seamless appearance by matching your floor, vanity surfaces, and walls for a striking natural stone bath.

2. Dark Colors are Nice Extra Too!

Don’t fear going bold with your color, particularly in your small bath. Bold but bright color reflects the area’s existing artificial and natural light, making it feel more open and warmer. Light color has a calming effect that might relax you and make you feel less confined. Design your space around matching and enhancing these warm colors.

Though, controversially, dark colors work well in small bathrooms with no natural light source or no windows. Dark colors but with a sheen level or a high-gloss finish reflect the artificial light for an expansive effect in your space. Ensure you’ve got the right fixtures and lighting as they’ll be reflected when you switch on the lights. Tread wisely, though — this one might backfire when done incorrectly!

Contact your designer to help you choose the appropriate choices to maximize the appearance and space of your bath.

3. Try Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are simple, sleek, and highly accessible because there’s no tub edge or lip to step over. Add natural stone shower walls and floors for an elegant bathroom.

4. Install Floating Vanities

Floating vanities provide a modern look and make your bathroom feel more spacious as they aren’t visually heavy like traditional vanities. They also showcase your elegant stoner shower floors and offer additional storage space for toiletries and towels.

Preferably, choose a floating vanity with a simple sink and quartz or granite bath vanity tops for a gorgeous, timeless look.

5. Avoid Limiting Your Lighting to Bathroom Bulbs

You can’t get the most out of your daily grooming routine if the only lighting in your bathroom comes from the bulbs. It would help if you add ambient lighting fixtures, bring some accent lighting into the area, or perhaps install shower lighting.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and found a helpful idea or two! Don’t fear to mix and match them to help create an elegant and functional bathroom. Contact an experienced bathroom designer for a free quote and designs for an affordable bathroom renovation in Denver.

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