Marble is exquisite, luxurious and eye-pleasing. But did you know that along with being an aesthetic addition to your space, it’s also a favourite among Vastu experts?

Vastu Shastra, a Sanskrit term that literally translates to “the science of architecture”, integrates architectural design ideas with spiritual and natural beliefs. Vastu Shastra has been used in Indian architecture and construction since ancient times and continues its legacy in modern architecture. According to the Vastu experts, structures built on the principles of this ideology remove bad energy, build good health and establish harmony among the individuals living in it.

Marble has been a popular choice of architects, interior designers, homeowners as well as Vastu experts. Let’s explore what Vastu Shastra has to say about using marble in your interiors.

Vastu Shastra Notes for Using Marble in Your Home or Office

As per Vastu Shastra, picking the right marble slab impacts people’s lives in the space. Finding the correct pattern, design and material for your marble flooring and other décor purposes not only adds beauty to your home to make it look luxurious but also brings harmony and stability. Here’s what Vastu Shastra has to say about marble for your home or office:

1.     Marble’s Background, Texture and Pattern Affects the Family

Marble comes in a variety of textures, patterns and colours. Besides adding a luxurious appeal to your space, it also creates a sense of comfort, mental peace, grandeur, creativity and sophistication to make a happy family. If you want to choose a fun design scheme for your house, marble can be your best bet. The gold or beige colours in a marble stone brings a sense of sophistication with a timeless appeal and the energy of the sunlight into your house and office space. Marble lovers love travertine and pure white Indian marble as it enhances relaxation and brings good vibes, according to Vastu Shastra.

Point to Note – Your marble’s colour, pattern and texture are not the only elements that bring positive energy to your space. Where you use it and how your place is also matters.

2.     Green-Coloured Marble is Best for the East Direction

According to Vastu Shastra beliefs, green-coloured marble is considered an excellent addition to your home when placed in the east direction. It is known to bring success and good luck along with other benefits. This is because, the green colour symbolises growth, abundance and prosperity. So, go ahead and place a green marble in the east direction for good luck and growth!

You can choose to use the green marble as flooring, add it as an accent wall, or use green marble artefacts or furniture in the eastern part of your home or office. The choices are unlimited.

3.     White Colour Marble Flooring is Good for the North-East or West Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, white-coloured marble flooring in the northeast and west direction of your home proves to reflect the direction’s positive effects on your life. It is beneficial for removing obstacles from the lives of the members living in the house, helping people living there reach the peak of success and progress, and bringing wealth into the family.

On top of that, it also enhances your ability to successfully complete work so that it would be perfect addition to a home office or study.

4.     Marble Removes Toxins

Whether at your home or in the office, you are exposed to harmful chemicals that are a mixture of plastic, concrete and other toxic artificial materials. But using marble can reduce these harmful effects countered at you. Marble is one of the best products to install in your home to enhance the overall beauty of the space and eliminate any harmful toxins because its manufacturing process is not filled with chemicals.

Vastu Shastra’s Contribution to Your Marble Selection

The theories of Vastu Shastra can hold to be great guides for decorating your living and working space! With the correct integration of marble and the principles of Vastu Shastra in your residential or commercial space, you can achieve a perfectly balanced and beautiful place to work and live in.

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