Carpet cleaning is relatively easy. It’s true. However, when we spill something on it, we panic and are unsure of what to do. Of course, when the panic is over, and we are calmed down, we find out this often happens to others too. Hopefully, when we find the right carpet cleaning solution and the correct methods, we will be able to do the right thing and fix the mess.

The problem is that many people make costly mistakes thinking they are fixing everything. These errors can even damage the carpet over time. That is why we have gathered the 5 most common carpet cleaning mistakes so you know what to avoid in the future. 

Mistake #1 – You postpone the cleaning

You might think that you can get away with putting off cleaning your carpet for a while. After all, it doesn’t look too bad. And it is not causing you any problems, so why bother? Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  The longer you leave it between cleanings, the more dirt and grime will build up on your carpet. This will eventually lead to all sorts of problems.

For starters, your carpet will start to look dull and lifeless. This happens because the dirt and grime will act like a sponge. They will absorb all the moisture from the carpet fibres and, over time, make it dry out and more prone to damage. And if that wasn’t bad enough, all this dirt and grime can attract pests like dust mites and fleas. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can cause serious health problems like asthma and allergies to you and your family.

Mistake #2 – You used the wrong carpet cleaner

One of the most common mistakes when cleaning carpets is using the wrong carpet cleaner. There are various carpet cleaners on the market, each designed for a specific type of carpet. For example, some cleaners are efficient for synthetic carpets, and others are good for wool carpets. Using the wrong cleaner can damage your carpet or make cleaning even more challenging.

If you’re unsure which cleaner to use, it’s always best to consult a Guildford carpet cleaning company. They can recommend the right product for your specific carpet type or the correct method. You can also ask them if there is anything specific you need to do based on the fabric and the colour your carpet is made of. Of course, if the issue is much more severe, you should probably hire them and not only use their knowledge to deal alone with the problem. 

Mistake #3 – You don’t test your cleaning detergents

A common mistake people make when cleaning their carpets is not testing their cleaning detergents. The market is flooded with a variety of cleaners, each designed for a particular carpet type. Using the wrong cleaner can damage your carpet or make cleaning it difficult. Always read the label and follow the instructions on the bottle. This is crucial if you do not want to end up with bleached carpet or, even worse, with holes in it. 

In addition to this, you need to protect yourself too. Remember to use gloves and a protective mask when cleaning your home with commercial cleaners. Many of these contain harmful ingredients that can irritate your lungs, mouth, nose and eyes. Use caution and wash your hands and face well after every cleaning. 

Mistake #4 – You use deodorising powder

Another common mistake people make when cleaning their carpets is using deodorising powder at the end. This can actually damage the carpet pretty severely and make it harder to clean. Deodorising powder can leave a residue that attracts dirt and dust. This will only make your carpet dirtier in the long run. If you want to use a deodoriser, always test it on a small carpet area first to ensure it won’t damage the fabric.

What you can do to avoid any of this is to sprinkle some baking soda all over your carpet. Leave it for at least half an hour and vacuum well after that. The smell of vanilla or lilac will not welcome you, but your carpet will feel fresher and better. Baking soda is good when you have to remove any foul odours from your carpet or a kitchen appliance. Make sure to have it always in your kitchen. 

Mistake #5 – You clean the carpet every week

It is essential to keep your carpet clean, but over-cleaning can damage the fibres and cause the carpet to look faded and worn after a while. For most households, deep cleaning your carpet once or twice a year is usually sufficient. When you vacuum your carpet, you remove dirt, dust, and other allergens, making cleaning and preventing damage easier This should be done once or twice a week. This task’s frequency depends on whether you have children or pets. 

If any spill occurs, you can always spot-clean your carpet. Remember to dab the place with a clean cloth or paper towel. A significant amount of the liquid will get out of the carpet if you take action immediately, and no cleaning solution will be needed. However, if you need to use one, keep in mind to avoid anything aggressive. There are some excellent spot-cleaners that you can buy over the counter, but you can always count on homemade solutions with baking soda and white vinegar.


Now that you know the most common mistakes in the carpet cleaning world, you are ready to say goodbye to the panic when a cleaning disaster occurs. Just try your best not to do any of these and always read the labels on cleaning products. You can always ask a professional for advice if you have any questions. Maintaining your home clean was never meant to be challenging. 

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