Bedside Table

Most people will question why you need a nightstand or bedside table in the bedroom. Should you save this space for other important things or invest your money in something more useful? A bedside table is a worthy piece of furniture you should have in your bedroom. 

First, it’s worth noting that no furniture in your home is worth the space until you want it. When it is your bedroom, anything you buy fits your personality and sets the mood. However, if you are still undecided whether you should get a modern bedside table or not, let’s have a chat about the benefits of a bedside table.

1 – Useful for storage 

The first reason you should get quality bedside tables is the storage space they provide. You can buy them online from Nicky Cornell – the French furniture specialists. Most people look at a bedside table as some furniture you put stuff on and not somewhere to store things in.

You can get a bedside table with a drawer to help you store items like books or car keys to declutter your bedroom.

2 – Saves on space 

A bedside table is worth your money because it helps you save on bedroom space. If you pick the right bedside table, you won’t spend a lot, and you can change to a new one when you’re bored with one.

A bedside table does not take a lot of space, and you can also use it to store other items when it comes with a drawer, saving you more space in the bedroom.

3 – Beautiful and long-lasting 

Another reason a bedside table is a worthy investment is that they last longer when you pick the right one. A wooden nightstand comes in different designs that will match your bedroom décor. You can choose one with a glass or marble top to set the mood in your bedroom.

If you get a nightstand made of hardwood, you can be sure it will last longer than your ordinary table.

4 – Complements another décor

If you want to set a theme in your bedroom, a stylish bedside table can make the work easier. 

A beautiful bedside table should not take the attention from the epicentre of your bedroom, the bed. It should only complement the main furniture in the room.

Therefore, you should focus more on the bedside table’s style, colour, and design. You want to ensure it matches and complements well with the other fabric and furniture in the bedroom. For instance, if your bedroom has a monochrome-toned décor, you can choose a black bedside table.

5 – A place to put beside the lamp

If you love table lamps, the right place to put one is on a bedside table. For convenience, you can also have your books, family photographs, and alarm clock on the bedside table. 

For more functionality, you can have a custom-designed bedside table with feature drawers to store items like your wallet, keys, jewellery, and documents.

If your spouse likes to serve coffee in the morning, you should have a bedside table. It will save you stains on the bed sheets.

Final Thoughts 

A nightstand looks gorgeous if only you take your time to pick the right one. You can use a bedside table to add décor to your room or as a place to store your essentials. If you want to save space in the bedroom, a bedside table is the right piece of furniture to invest your money in.  

It adds a lot of beauty to your bedroom. Place your novel on the table or that beautiful night lamp. Nothing makes your bedroom stylish like having a bedside table.

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