Fresh Look

When people think about aesthetically pleasing homes, they often think about the large sums of money that go into transforming a simple home into a stylish one. That is why every time we want to spruce up our homes, we put it off for when we will have more money.

What we forget is the simple truth that one can freshen up their home without emptying their bank account. You just have to be meticulous, artistic, and smart. Or have an internet connection through which you can search for simple ideas to add elegance to your place.

To make it easier for you, we are here with some amazing secrets that will definitely add serenity and a fresh feel to your home.

1. Declutter And Re-arrange

Despite several Marie Kondo books and shows, people still haven’t learned the art of decluttering. It’s one of the most forgotten secrets that work wonders in adding a new, fresh look to your living spaces.

You can start by throwing away all the stuff you haven’t used for years and won’t be using for the next 6 months. You can keep things with sentimental values attached to them. And no, that old broken vase isn’t going to repair itself. Throw it out.

Once you are done decluttering, you will feel a breath of fresh air. You might even notice several empty spaces around the house. Now, it’s time for re-arranging. Before you jump into it, it’s better to plan how you can re-arrange the furniture for better aesthetics and space. Re-evaluate the furniture layout and make smart changes. Even if you have a small home, re-arranging can have a big difference on its entire outlook.

2. Add a touch of Greenery

For ages, flowers and plants have been a big part of aesthetics and beauty. To liven up your dull rooms, add a touch of greenery everywhere. Put small house plants in the corners of the rooms. Add vases on tables and shelves.

Greenery complements homes and creates an atmosphere of happiness and love. After all, there is nothing more refreshing than a clearing filled with flowers, trees, and sunshine.

3. Replace Old Hardware With Stylish Designs

Small touches of colors, designs, and styles in homes come together to create a big impact. Adding plants might liven up your room, but if the hardware is rusty or broken, it would still look old and worn out.

Replacing old hardware with new stylish ones doesn’t cost too much money. It also brightens the home in a way that’s noticeable yet not tacky. You can choose door and drawer handles that add up to the overall look of the room. You can add trendy faucets, patterned knobs and even mix and match the hardware.

4. Paint Outdated Vinyl Floors

Are you tired of the plain vinyl floors? Does it look boring and causes a certain dullness to the rooms? Well, we have the perfect solution!

You can paint the outdated vinyl floors. You can mix and match colors and add patterns to the floors. This will add color to the previously dull area and give the room an overall refreshing look. Just make sure you know what you are doing before picking up that paintbrush.

5. Paint the Ceiling

Ceilings are one of the most ignored spaces in our homes. We don’t care about the designs, we don’t care about the colors, and we certainly don’t care if it makes the room look nicer or worse. This is why – even after repainting and refurbishing – most rooms still lack perfect aesthetics.

Most people don’t understand that ceilings aren’t just there to protect us. Okay, maybe they are. But they also work to bring the room together. So, if you want to spruce up your home without changing too much, just paint the ceiling.

Take paint all the way up and use bright colors. Adding color and patterns to the ceiling not only makes a false illusion of height but also attracts the eyes of people. Just make sure that the color you have chosen doesn’t contradict the interior of the room. If you are too confused, consult a professional like fish painting to handle the paint job for you. The specialists know the color science well and will give your ceiling a look that will be loved by all.

6. Place Mirrors To Brighten Up the Rooms

People who follow conventional interior design think mirrors only belong on dresser tables and bathroom sinks. However, do you know large mirrors can create a false illusion of more space? This is why you can find ceiling-to-floor mirrors or windows in luxurious condos and apartments. So, our advice is to invest in some fancy mirrors.

Large mirrors on walls opposite the windows also work best to optimize the sunlight and help brighten up the room. A well-placed mirror helps accentuate the size of the room as well as gives a luxurious look. What are you waiting for? Bring out that old unused mirror from the attic, or go buy a simple one from the market and experiment with it!

7. Accessorize Your Home

One of the best ways to brush up your home and transform it into a beautiful, refreshing place is to accessorize it. Create a small gallery on a single wall. Place vases and small bowls of potpourri. Add a colorful rug under the coffee table. Change plain white switchboards with bright, funky ones. Add throw pillows and cushions on sofas and beds.

The ideas are limitless. You just have to remember not to go overboard, or it will look like your home came straight out of an animated movie.

8. Experiment With Lighting

If you don’t like too many mirrors or are scared that one day you might see someone else behind you in the dark, no worries. We have another trick to brighten up your home.

We recommend trying different types of lights in your house. Use stylish fixtures. Throw away the old lamps and introduce new lighting in your entire house. You can use dim lighting in rooms to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can hang elegant chandeliers in your living room. And you can also add mood lights so that you can change the settings according to what you want.

The best part is that the light fixture comes in various designs that help liven up the otherwise dull-looking room. Our advice is to go crazy with the experiment and then choose what works best for your house. 

Parting words

Follow these secrets, and voila, in no time, your home will transform into a better, livelier place. It’s up to you how you can incorporate these tricks in favor of your house. We recommend planning ahead so you have an idea of how it all will come together to complement your house and the environment you want to create.

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