Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. This is because of the astonishing beauty of its palaces, its unique landscapes, and the irreplaceable little streets surrounded by water. Venice is a city that fills your heart with love, and it is almost impossible to be indifferent to its hypnotizing magic. Not by chance, many foreign newlyweds choose Venice as the destination for their honeymoon trip, or as the location for their wedding. Venice is a mesmerizing city full of light and enchantment.

In Venice, romanticism is in the air: the morning fog, the brightness of midday, the low sunset light, and the darkness of the night represent the daily routine of colors. Such colors can influence how people perceive the city through the light of palaces and churches’ façades.

Canals and gondolas’ reflections in the water mirror the Venetian lagoon’s fascinating marine world, where the sea and the smooth stones have sealed the boundary between water and earth.

A historical Venetian legend is about the famous Giacomo Casanova, a young handsome fellow known for his charm. There exists a tour bringing you to the places where Casanova lived his life, among many lovers. The character of Casanova influenced Illuminism, the period when he lived his adventures. He was an avid traveler, writer, poet, and philosopher who seduced many hopeless romantic ladies of that time. He could be seen as the symbol of an erotic Venice, whose fascinating style has brought many people around Europe since the XVIII century.

As Oscar Wilde was, Casanova was a dandy whose life was meant to be his most beautiful opera. Since when he was a child, he had loved traveling and visiting new places. However, he always felt the necessity to come back to the city of birth: Venice. He wanted to be part of the aristocracy all his life, but he was never accepted. Despite the meetings with the most important people of that period – Rousseau, Voltaire, Mozart, and many others -, his life was mainly characterized by gambling, shows, elegant dinners, and many lovers. Moreover, he was arrested for his many romantic adventures with married women.

Besides the romantic yet scandalous history of this character, the romance of Venice can be also seen in the many glass operas. In this regard, there is an island solely dedicated to this practice: Murano. At YourMurano you can see several artisan creations made by the skilled hands of the glass Masters. With these operas, the artisans wanted to give birth to unique and inimitable objects that reflect the romanticism surrounding Venice. Many people come to visit the city with their fiancé, or partner, and want to come back home with a souvenir that reminds them of the vacation. One of the Murano glass sculptures of lovers may be the perfect one. Two loving souls binding together in one single piece of art are ideal in your living room. It will remind you of the romantic and magical atmosphere of Venice!

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