It is easy to see why people are always so cramped for space in their kitchens. For many, it serves as the primary kitchen, dining room, and often entertainment center. Still, others have an industrial-sized kitchen that they share with family members. No matter what type of kitchen you have, there are some tricks and tips to give your space a new look. Here are seven tips and tricks to give your kitchen a new look:

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting is, by far, one of the easiest ways to give an instant makeover to any room. The proper lighting in your kitchen can set the mood and reflect your personality. If you want to make a subtle change, consider swapping out the light bulbs in your lighting fixtures. Incandescent bulbs tend to cast a yellow light, while fluorescent lights are more white or bluish. Instead of wasting energy on old, energy-inefficient bulbs, choose CFLs for your fixtures to get both light and cost savings. You might also want to look into installing recessed lighting in your kitchen to create dramatic effects.

Replace Your Hardware

Old or outdated hardware can date your kitchen. You can update the look of your cabinets by swapping out your hardware with something modern. If you have wooden cabinets, consider changing your hardware to match the rest of the room’s decor. It will also make it easier for you to coordinate other parts of the space in the future. Make sure you choose high-quality materials, so everything looks great and is built to last.

Add New Appliances

Adding new appliances can be a little pricey, but it can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. If you are looking for a sleek, modern kitchen that features great appliances and equipment, take some time to consider stainless steel appliances such as a dishwasher, stovetop, or microwave. These are available in new and used models that usually provide the most value for your money.  You do not have to replace these things immediately, if at all. You can easily add covers to most appliances. Using fridge wraps on your refrigerator can add a splash of color while you save up.

Upgrade Your Countertops

Countertops are a great place to start if you want to make a subtle change in your kitchen. You can always pick up a new countertop for a few dollars, and you will notice the difference it makes. Consider changing your countertops with quartz or granite, as these are stronger than other materials and can be found in various colors. Additionally, if you are working within a certain budget, you do not have to spend thousands on this upgrade.

Change Your Flooring

Many people shy away from changing their kitchen flooring because they feel it is a huge commitment. In reality, however, it is easy to change the look of your kitchen with just the right flooring. Consider using laminate flooring for all or part of your kitchen space. White ceramic tile is another excellent choice, as it pairs well with other colors and finishes. There are many options to choose from that will complement your current decor and style and still create a clean appearance in the room, said experts from Veejay’s Kitchen Makeovers.

Have Seating Available

It is incredible how much a seating area can transform the look of your kitchen. If you have the room, consider adding chairs or a sofa so people can hang out and relax in the space. It will also create a designated area for the family to sit and chat while you are preparing meals or doing dishes.


The kitchen is an essential room in the house, so it should be unique. Of course, you might not have all the cash in the world to renovate your kitchen right now, but you can still do many things that will only cost a little bit of money. You will be amazed at how much you can change for little money or time. You can instantly give your kitchen a whole new look by simply changing out a few light bulbs and measuring for new flooring.

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