7 Proven Ways To Prettify Your Home Instantly 


Are you looking to transform your home and prettify it instantly? Fortunately, there are some great, quick, and easy ways to change the look of your home with little effort and small investment.  

In this blog, we are going to discuss seven proven ways to transform your home and make it look beautiful. Let us explore: 

  1. Declutter Your Space 

A cluttered and poorly organized home can make the most stylish home look messy and unwelcoming. So, decluttering your space should be the very first step in the process of home makeover. Get rid of unnecessary items that you no longer want or need. Get some stylish storage solutions to keep your belongings safe and organized. 

Note that decluttering your space also includes organizing your wardrobes, cabinets, and other areas, whether visible to everyone or not. 

  1. Add Seasonal Décor 

This is one of the easiest ways to freshen up the look and feel of your home with the changing season. For winter and fall, swap in some chic blankets and throw pillows. Also, add some more texture and holiday-inspired motifs. For spring and summer, choose décor in light colors. 

  1. Bring in Plants 

Adding indoor greenery, real or faux, is a great way to transform your home for a relaxing and inviting feel. If possible, try to add real indoor plants according to the ongoing season. For example, peace lily, orchids, pothos, and spider plants are best for winter. For summer, you can opt for African violet, ZZ plant, ferns, and Chinese Evergreen. 

  1. Swap or Add Rugs 

Rugs can instantly turn any ordinary floor into something awesome. Just buy rugs online in South Africa and throw them on your floors strategically. The best part is you do not need to buy expensive rugs; you can get a designer-style rug at a decent price. Plus, consider layering rugs rather than one larger patterned one. 

  1. Hide Unsightly Cords 

Messy electrical wires are one of the most unpleasant sights that most of us struggle with. Fortunately, you can get rid of this unsightly spot with little effort. It takes just 10 minutes to install a raceway with drywall screws to mask your cords. Hide cables around your desk or entertainment system using zip ties and eye hooks. 

  1. Change Your Cabinet’s Hardware 

We are talking about your vanity, dresser, and media cabinet. Upgrade the drawer pulls to transform the look of these cabinets. Simply unscrew the hardware and replace it with new ones with the same dimensions. 

Are you tight on the budget? Do not worry! Simply remove existing pulls and knobs, paint them in your favorite color, and replace them once dry. 

  1. Add Lighting 

Lighting is an awesome and essential way to stylize your home instantly. So, invest in some good quality ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a dynamic look. You can add unique and unexpected lighting fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lights to add visual personality to your living space. 

Just make sure you choose seasonal décor items to make sure your space looks and feels inviting.