Agent Matching Services

These days, real estate agents are easy to find. The best approach to finding a low commission or full-service real estate agent is through web resources, as opposed to billboards, radio advertisements, and personal recommendations.

Due to the accessibility of so many alternatives, there is not an iota of doubt that you will be able to find a real estate agent, but the main question you should be asking yourself is if the real estate agent you have chosen is the right fit for your business needs or not?

The difficulty is in determining whether the real estate agent is competent enough to make the process of selling your house effective and efficient. The majority of homeowners choose to rely on reputable local real estate agents who can help them sell their houses quickly.

More about Matching Agents

Agent matching services exclusively recruit qualified and elite real estate agents. They pre-screen local agents and go carefully into their profiles. The agent matching services pair customers with agents after learning about the client’s personal wants and distinctive requirements as a property seller or buyer.

Agent matching services have become the simplest and quickest way to locate a qualified real estate agent. This is due to the fact that they perform all the work on your behalf for free. The services provide substantial commission savings. Therefore, sellers and buyers may save hundreds of dollars by working with discounted real estate brokers rather than paying a commission.

Despite the fact that relatives and friends may also be reliable reference sources for real estate brokers, there is typically no tool accessible to verify the agent’s expertise and credentials. A local realtor may or may not have the knowledge to guide your property sale or purchase in the appropriate route. Even if they are highly recommended, chances are that you may end up going with the wrong choice.

There are also open houses when it is possible to meet with local agents without an appointment. However, there is no evidence that they will be a suitable fit for you and you may waste both your time and money.

The option is to go for an agent marching service company to help you out.  Let’s take a closer look at the 6 agent matching services that you cannot afford to overlook in 2023.


Houzeo is one of those agent matching services that provides the ideal combination of maximum savings, maximum exposure, superior technology, and five-star customer service.

You’ll be working with a listing agent who typically does not charge a commission, thanks to an innovative technological platform that allows homeowners to list on MLS for a minimum flat cost. This saves you around 50% of the agency commissions instantly.

Houzeo also allows you to choose from a variety of packages and tailor them to your needs, as well as choosing services like contract analysis, price counseling, professional photographs, and more.

Home sellers have access to a dashboard where they may receive, analyze, and compare offers after registering. The software also allows contract updates, counteroffers, house showings, lockboxes, and yard signs.

According to Google and Trustpilot, Houzeo is the most advanced For Sale by Owner MLS listing website in the United States.

When you subscribe to Houzeo’s concierge, everything is automated and your listing will be online within eight business hours with no hidden fees and complete MLS visibility. From the list of the best For Sale by Owner MLS listing services, you might pick Houzeo as a budget-friendly real estate agency.


When looking to purchase or sell a house, UpNest connects you with a local real estate agent. This platform, like other agent-matching systems, is free to use. When you register with UpNest to choose a real estate agent, the agents compete for your business. Multiple UpNest agents provide reduced prices. Although the savings may be modest.

Check out UpNest reviews if you’re seeking for the greatest real estate agent at competitive rates. They are one of the best agent matching services and may provide you with greater discounts on your house selling transaction. For a nominal listing cost, sellers may list their houses with top local brokers.

The majority of UpNest’s real estate brokers may win your trust with their company’s stellar track record. UpNest also provides an intuitive web dashboard. It is reported that its representatives are difficult to reach and unable to answer simple queries on occasion. Typically, listing fees in UpNest proposals are between 2% and 2.5%.

The only drawback of UpNest is their algorithm is not always accurate, and chances are that you may end up with an agent who does not serve your region.

Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent provides one of the most beneficial free real estate services. They link you with the most qualified local agents. You may simply find a real estate agent who offers a variety of services at a discount. You may sell your house at the lowest possible commission rate with Ideal Agent.

The organization employs agents who have been screened, qualified, and licensed. Ideal real estate brokers have more than 14 years of experience, have successfully completed between 100 and 300 deals annually, and have a 5-star rating.

According to many Ideal Agent reviews, you get a leading real estate agent. You may also choose not to cooperate with that agency and you can independently search for more agents and schedule interviews. You will receive a comprehensive variety of real estate services, including a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that helps you to determine the prices at which comparable properties with almost identical attributes were sold. Using the data, you may determine the price of your home. The real estate representative from Ideal Agent meets with you and discusses every element, including your objective, sale deadline, selling requirements, etc. The agent inspects your house and delivers the most effective marketing advice. The agent also assists you in taking professional images and listing your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other top real estate websites. The agent also negotiates on your behalf and attempts to obtain the best price. The agent maintains support until the conclusion of the transaction.

Check out Ideal Agent reviews on websites like Google and Trustpilot before you consider approaching them.


Redfin is an agent matching service that endeavors to streamline the buying and selling process. It attracts customers from over the nation with its low commission rates and services. They also allow sellers to market their homes for as little as a 1% Redfin listing fee. This is the most essential service the organization offers.

Customers will continue to work with a listing agent and be provided with professional images and a 3D tour. If you select the Redfin Concierge package, you will pay a Redfin listing fee of 2% (still less than the industry standard of 3%) and receive a property that has been renovated and presented by local merchants. House sellers may obtain an all-cash offer through RedfinNow. This helps them to sell their home quickly without the hassle of showings and negotiations.

Buyers play an important role inside the Redfin. Buyers can work with agents to identify the newest offerings, tour residences, and place offers. Based on the number of buyers and sellers that employ its services, Redfin is the sixth-largest brokerage in the country.

In 2020, the company performed approximately 64,420 transactions with revenue exceeding $37 billion. Redfin is operating in 95 diverse areas across the United States and Canada to assist homebuyers and sellers.


Homecoin attracts home sellers with its $95 FSBO listing; however, the website’s dashboard is currently difficult. This dashboard exacerbates the already challenging FSBO listing process. Homecoin offers a $95 Flat Fee MLS California listing package with a one-year listing duration and ten free listing updates.

You may upload an infinite quantity of photos. Also included are free phone calls and email forwarding. State regulations require sellers to pay $450 for seller disclosures. Homecoin has increased the cost of yard signage from $49 to $97.

Homecoin levies hidden costs ranging from $450 to $2,999 for FSBO transactions. Homecoin’s exorbitant fees for additional services, such as seller disclosures, may make selling your home with expensive.

You can check out Homecoin reviews for more information.


Trulia is a well-known website for for-sale-by-owner listings that has a large number of monthly visitors. Due to Zillow’s user-friendly technology and industry popularity, Trulia is a popular choice for buyers and sellers who do not require much assistance with the listing process.

Similar to Zillow, Trulia offers free property listings and great visibility. If you want more than just a simple listing, Trulia may not be the best option. Training, paperwork assistance, and listing extras like as yard signs will be limited.

The same concerns apply to Zillow’s paid advertisements; you may find yourself interacting with buyer’s agents instead of potential purchasers, as agency-sponsored advertisements may induce buyers to contact the agent instead of the property owner.

The use of an agent may result in a 3% cost rise. In addition to Trulia’s well-known brand and high site visibility, another benefit of selling your property For Sale by Owner on Trulia is access to their very accurate crime reporting data. Trulia houses in low-crime regions are presented positively, hence improving the likelihood of a quick sale and a higher purchase price.

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