Are you aware of how to sell a house by owner in Tennessee? While we are aware that the home prices in Tennessee have been growing exponentially, this has also led to an increase in the surging of the agent commission between 2021 and 2022. Considering selling a house in FSBO Tennessee by owner will let you save thousands in agent commissions.

If you are thinking that FSBO might not be able to sell your home fast, then be informed that it is reported that 77% of FSBO homes have been selling quickly, in less than fifteen days. So, if you also want to sell a house through FSBO Tennessee, then you can confidently move ahead, provided you go do the things correctly.

Selling home on your own in Tennessee

Here is the guide about how to sell a house by owner in Tennessee. Knowing the tips here will ensure that you sell your home successfully.

List your property on the Local MLS

One of the key things that need to be a part of your checklist for selling a home is that your home must be listed on the MLS. This is imperative to sell your home faster and for more money. Now, the biggest challenge that the FSBO sellers face in FSBO Tennessee is that they do not have direct access to their local MLS. Though there are more than 600 local MLS in the U.S., only real estate agents and websites such as Houzeo.com can list your property on the right MLS.

Price Your Home Correctly

One thing that needs to be done is that you must look at the price of the home belonging to your neighborhood, which has been sold recently. This will help you with knowing the right price for your home.

Listing price is one of the most important factors that will decide how fast your property will sell in the market. If you are selling a home by owner or hiring an agent, the listing price is one of the important determinants that decides how many buyers are attracted to your house. If you price your house too low, then you will get several offers and you can settle for the highest or the best offer. You can also counter the best and sell fast. If you price your house too high, then there will be a lesser number of inquiries and it will become hard for your house to sell in the market.

So, the best thing is to create a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA and rightfully know the ideal listing price for your house.

Prep up your Tennessee home

Allow us to mention a few tips to keep your Tennessee house in the best condition so that the same can sell faster:

  • Firstly, you need to clean your home properly. You can consider washing upholstery such as sofa sets, rugs, carpets, chairs, and more. Ensure the deep clean of every part of your house well.
  • Remove all the junk and personal belongings from the house or save them in a hideout part of the home. Declutter and depersonalize to allow the buyer to imagine their own home and not your house.
  • Paint the house including the exterior part to attract a wide range of buyers.
  • One of the key things is to clean the landscape outside or plant fresh flowers. These are low investment and appealing methods to spruce up the look of your home.
  • Can you hire a professional stager? This person can help organize your furniture, make the rooms look clean, make the house look spacious, and more.
  • Allow ample natural light to enter your home. Let things brighten up. This can be done by opening the curtains and blinds. When the rooms have ample light, the house looks spacious and tidy.
  • You can also consider getting low-cost repairs. So, if you have a faucet that is leaking or a door making too much noise, then you must get it repaired. It will not take much time and effort, and if left undid, it might be noticed by the potential buyer.

Add Appealing Property Description

One of the few best practices that are suggested to make your home appealing, is to add an interesting property description. Flat fee for MLS listing likeHouzeo can help you with this.

You must ensure to do the following:

  • Add impact words. Listings that contain powerful words such as fascinating, captivating, luxe, refined, etc. are sold faster than the ones that have a modest listing description.
  • To catch the buyer’s attention, keep the headline catchy, short, and descriptive.
  • Highlight the best parts of your home such as ample parking space, mountain or lake view, etc.
  • You must also add the brand of the appliances you have and the type of flooring installed in the home such as stone, cherry, walnut, etc. In case you have been using energy-efficient appliances such as solar panels and have wi-fi-enabled devices, etc. mention that as well in your listing description.
  • Also, talk about the best features of the vicinity. Include the amenities in your vicinity such as gardens, parks, schools, hospitals, shopping places, recreational facilities, etc.

Seller Disclosure Form

This one needs special importance. It is vital to fill out seller disclosure in Tennessee. These are certain disclosures that are a must for you to furnish at the time of selling your home by owner in Tennessee. They include the following:

  • In the case the homes were constructed before 1978, the seller needs to declare the lead-based paint hazards as well.
  • FSBO Tennessee Property Disclosure Statement is a checklist form where the sellers disclose the correct condition of the home. It includes the things like any defect in the material, features, nature of occupancy, how much space is provided for extra information, etc.
  • At times the property’s flood risk report is also needed at the time of loan grant. Flood Zone Statement may be needed as an important part of the mortgage too.

Due to the several federal, state, etc. requirements, the paperwork task can be challenging. The for sale by owner websites such as Houzeo can help you with all the complex paperwork and get your property listed on the MLS too. You also get a certified broker who will support you till the closing of the deal.

Since more than 90% of home buyers find homes online, it is crucial to list your property online for obtaining maximum exposure. To know how to sell a house by owner in Tennessee, know that listing online needs to be your number 1 priority when selling your house.