Net metering

Net metering allows homeowners with solar energy systems to get credits from their utility providers for the energy they produce, but are not used to power their homes.

This credit can be used by homeowners to pay for energy from their traditional electric company. Your provider will subtract the amount of surplus energy from your monthly bill and add it to your credit. Sometimes, this is called “selling” excess energy from your panels to your utility company.

What Can Net Metering Do for Me?

You can receive credit for excess energy produced by your solar energy system if you have one. You can then use those credits to pay your winter electric bills, even if you have less solar power.

You don’t need a system yet, but you are considering it. This will allow you to take advantage of the current net-metering benefits.

Florida Homeowners Would See a New Bill That Lowers Net Metering Credits

The Florida Legislature has passed a new bill that is now waiting for the governor’s signature. It will lower the number of solar credits available to those who have installed solar panels after January 2024. In addition, the percentage of retail costs being charged in subsequent years will decrease.

However, anyone who installs their solar energy system by January 2024 will be grandfathered and eligible to receive the full retail rate for any surplus energy they produce for the next 20 years.

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