Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom remodeling can be an exciting adventure, from picking out new tiles to replacing outdated equipment. Update style and add value to your home by remodeling your bathroom. Here are five ideas for remodeling your bathrooms:

Use Warm and Neutral Colors

A brand new coat of paint will go a long way in remodeling your bathroom. Utilize the color theory while remodeling your bathroom. Colors can be a good way to evoke emotions. Neutral and warm colors like gray, cool white, and beige provide a feeling of serenity, health, and cleanliness. Whereas colors such as orange, yellow, and red evoke feelings of anxiety and anger.

Adding warm and neutral colors to your bathroom is a good way to show off statement pieces in your bathroom. The neutral colors will make the statement pieces like an outstanding bathroom sink stand out.

Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

If you are located in Colorado, then you can look into different companies that can help you out. For example, Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling can transform your bathroom by adding a new light and switching up the lighting fixtures to a more trendy fixture. With the right lighting, your bathroom can make your renovation by assisting in pulling the room together. Create a mix of vanity, ambient, and decorative lights such as pendants or chandeliers in your bathroom. You can also add another fixture of lighting.

Use Tiles to Bring A New Look to Your Bathroom

A creative tile floor can make a big impact on your bathroom remodel. You can choose to DIY the project or hire a professional to do it.

Suppose you have a small bathroom. Go for a neutral-colored tile. This will make the bathroom feel like it has extra space and is roomy. Moreover, consider placing the tiles in a diagonal pattern to make the room feel more spacious as your eyes get drawn to the corners of the bathroom. You can explore darker colors like deep brown and navy blue if you have a large bathroom.

After the coronavirus pandemic, it makes sense to have surfaces that are easy to clean. Using large tiles also creates a sense of continuity and spaciousness in the bathroom. Large patterned tiles can be a great choice for a person choosing a modern and contemporary look in their bathroom. You can explore your creativity in the bathroom with the help of patterned walls and floor tiles. However, avoid having over three different types of tile patterns as they will grow to be overpowering to one’s eyes.

If you are on a budget, you can opt for laminate or vinyl as they are more affordable compared to tile and stone.

Improve Your Bathroom Hardware

Upgrade the bathroom hardware for an easy bathroom facelift that requires putting the screwdriver to work. It can range from changing toilet holders, towel bars, or even handles on the vanity. Go for a matching look on the bathroom hardware to provide a consistent look in your bathroom. To have a matching set, each piece of hardware in your furniture should have the same style. These include toilet paper holders, towel bars, role holders, and towel rings.

Replace your old and outdated cabinet hardware with upgraded hardware. Do not forget to bring out a cohesive look by matching your hardware with your plumbing fixtures in style and color. You can sneak in extra storage in the hardware for storing cleaning supplies, toilet paper, linens, and towels.

Convert Old Furniture to Brand New Vanity

Instead of getting rid of an old dresser, refinish it and have a new vanity. Upgrade the old furniture into new vanity features that allow room for storage of plenty of knick-knacks and other bathroom supplies. Update your home bathroom to new levels using a floating vanity. A floating vanity offers more storage space by placing the base off the surface. You can find floating vanities in various sizes, styles, and configurations to suit all types of design aesthetics and bathroom spaces. Moreover, floating vanities reduce the hassle of cleaning the bathroom surface, and one does not have to struggle with the heavy vanity legs and baseboards.


With the proper changes like those suggested above when remodeling your bathroom, you can easily add oomph to your outdated bathroom without the need to break a bank. The tips work great for both small and large bathrooms.

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