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What is an AC unit?

Air conditioning involves removing heat from a small space in order to increase indoor comfort. It can be done using a mechanical ‘air conditioner’ or using other methods like passive cooling, ventilative cooling etc.

AC units are used for heating and cooling and can be in various shapes and sizes ranging from small vehicles to massive buildings. Central Air conditioners circulate air in the house using a supply and ducts system. The supply ducts carry cool air throughout the house which becomes warmer over time and then returns to the central AC through registers, which are openings covered by grills, and ducts.

Fixing an AC unit is a tough process to embark on your own, so there are professionals who can help you do so. This article discusses the process of fixing the central air conditioning unit and then talks about Air Conditioning Repair, Orange County and Air Conditioning Service, Orange County, CA.

 A few causes of Central AC system cooling problems.

If you’re facing issues with the cooling provided from your central air conditioner, there may be many reasons for the same. The reasons are briefly covered in this section of the article.

1)         Low refrigerant: Refrigerant removes the heat and humidity from the air. If the system has a leak, the refrigerant may also drip out and lead to lack of refrigerant available for cooling of the air.

2)         Evaporator coils that are frozen: Evaporator coils need warm air circulation to function properly. If the coils get too cold, a layer of ice can build on them. This will lead to no air or only warm air coming from your AC.

3) Clogged drains: The AC’s moisture must be drained from the area through the drain line.. If the drain line gets clogged, the water back up may lead to damage to the walls and the AC system.

These are a few causes of poor AC functioning. We will now discuss how to fix the unit.

6 simple ways to fix your central AC unit.

1) Check the breaker: If the unit just won’t turn on, it means your breaker has tripped. If a lot of appliances are working on the same breaker, it will often trip, leading the AC to not work. This can be fixed by checking the breaker which can save you money and time.

2) Examine the thermostat: If the thermostat is battery operated, it may need new batteries. Set the thermostat at a temperature below the room’s. Make sure the unit isn’t turned off or set to fan speed.

3) Change the filter: If the filter remains unclogged and dirty, it can cause lack of air flow leading to poor cooling efficiency. Clogged filters can also lead to icing up of the system. Filters should be checked consistently and changed if needed.

4) Melt ice: If the unit is iced up, it won’t cool. To quickly melt the ice, you can turn off the system and utilize a fan.

5) Clean it regularly: Clean off any debris from the fan blades outside and inside the unit. Blades can bend and break, so be cautious while cleaning them. Of course, turn off the unit when you clean.

6) Check ducts: If they are so dirty that they block air flow, you will surely have to clean them. A check will show if there are any ducts which have accidentally been closed or closed all the way.

Now that we know a few simple ways to fix central AC units, we will now proceed to discussing where in Orange County can you go if you need professional help.

Air conditioning Service, Orange County, Ca.

Before concluding the article, we will discuss a few places of air conditioning service, Orange County.

The name in the list of contractors for air conditioning service, Orange County, Ca, is Saddleback Plumbing, heating and Air. They acknowledge the importance of proper working AC systems and have been professional AC contractors for more than 30 years now.

The last in this list is ALL PRO AIR. It is a company that employs high trained professionals to provide the best service in Orange County. They specialize in designing, engineering and installing AC units and always have a bright attitude. If a mistake is made anywhere, they do everything they can to get it fixed for you without any hassle. They are very upfront about the cost of service and provide lengthy explanations and details about the appliance and also tell you if there are any limitations or better options you could refer to. They also have an exclusive written guarantee of their work.

Maintaining your AC unit

Now that you’re aware of a few great places to go to for installing or servicing your AC unit, there are also a few things you can do for maintenance.

  1. Get the air filter cleaned and washed regularly to avoid any collection of dust and dirt.
  2. Clean the coils of the AC so that they don’t get insulated with dust particles which can reduce the ability of the AC to absorb heat.
  3. The conditioner unit fan cools down the refrigerant gas, so it is important for it to function properly. If you hear some noises coming out of your AC, it is important to get a professional to check the blades for chips and cracks and to examine the heaviness of the motor.
  4. Get the condensate drain inspected because if it is clogged, it won’t allow for drainage to pass.
  5. Finally, it goes without saying that maintaining your AC won’t just save you money on electricity, but it will also prevent breakdown of equipment. Make sure that your AC unit undergoes thorough, regular checks from experts.


Other than the stated things to do before installing a new AC unit, there are also more basic, ground rules like what is the size that you need, what is your budget, why you should get an energy efficient AC unit etc.; these questions also play a role in deciding which AC unit you will purchase. There is no AC which is one size fits all, so each house will have a different AC more suited for it. However, there are things that you should remember while purchasing an AC unit like buying the right type and size, installing the outdoor unit of a split AC in a shady place, checking the energy efficiency rate, choosing inverter technology ACs, choosing units which make less noise and most importantly, getting it installed by a certified professional.

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