Empty Room

When your home has an empty room, they tend to go unused or become a storage place for things you don’t use. The empty room will normally be a small space that would not be normally used for practical purposes. Nevertheless, when you are able to plan and design, the space is able to become anything that you desire it to be, such as the following ideas below.

Develop A Guest Room

When you have a lot of guests spending the night and they sleep on the couch, then turning your extra room into a guest room will be the perfect opportunity to allow guests to truly feel comfortable.

By developing a guest room, you will create a style that is both comfortable and full of luxury. It will enable your guests to enjoy a space that is similar to a hotel so that they can relax completely. The guest room also needs to provide enough versatility so that each guest is suited well no matter how old they are. When the room is spacious enough, you could also situate other furniture in the room, such as a table with chairs.

Develop A Home Office/Library

When you are an avid reader, there is nothing like enjoying a quiet home library to enjoy reading. You can bring in many tall bookshelves and have them filled with all of your favorite books and magazines. Make sure that a comfortable reading chair is placed within as well as good lighting.

The extra space can also become a home office regardless of its size. The home office also brings usefulness for many occasions, such as remote working. The office also provides you with a space to keep items like your laptop, books for the library, or other work-related items. The office also makes for a quiet space for studying and completing homework.

Develop A Home Theater

When you have a favorite movie, you need to be able to have a space to watch them. Your extra space is a perfect room to develop your home theater. Look into custom home theater seating to add personality to your home and most importantly, comfortably watch your favorite movie on the big screen. You can take it a bit further by having a mini fridge and popcorn maker to exuberate the experience.

Develop A Game Room/Playroom

When you have kids, they will need to have a place to play and remain entertained. This is where having your extra room become a game room/playroom happens. You can easily have all of your kids’ toys in one room without having to worry about their bedroom becoming a disaster. You will also have a space where you can enjoy games with friends, such as a pool table, dart boards, or a ping pong table. The extra space will become a great entertaining space for all.

Develop A Multipurpose Studio And Dressing Room

No matter if you are looking to get into art or want to expand on your abilities, the extra space will provide the perfect place to get your hands dirty. You will also be able to focus on your project. Along with your easel, you can situate supply drawers for your paints and brushes. When you are unsure of how to design your art studio, you can just leave it as an empty studio to use for multiple crafts and projects.

Having an empty room also allows you to develop a dressing room where you can store all of your clothes. Besides being a luxury, your dressing room allows for practicality for all of the items you use daily without them being in the bedroom.

In order for your dressing room to come about, all that it requires is dressing furniture and plenty of storage spac


When you have an extra space in your home that you want to start utilizing, then you have a few great options above to turn it into a functional space. When your guests have a functional space, other than the couch, they will feel more at home and a part of the family. When they feel like part of the family, the entire visit can be a great one for all.

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