Home Library

Going overboard when designing your library is easy. You might have organizers and display cases everywhere. But if you’re working with limited space, it can be hard to determine how to make.The most of your book collection. Here are ideas for creating an intelligent home library that won’t take up much room or cost you an arm and a leg.

Add a Ladder

Use a ladder to reach books on high shelves, to acquire books in the attic, to obtain books in the garage (if you can’t get up there, it’s time for some spring cleaning), or to reach books in the basement (or wherever else you might find them). Shop library ladders to find just what you need for a beautiful home library.

Designate a Particular Seating Area

Whether you have a small or ample space, it’s essential to designate an area where your books will be stored and displayed. You can use your favorite sofa (or even a chair or bean bag), but if you want to create more of a library-like atmosphere, consider purchasing furniture designed for the task. Choose your shelving wisely. Shelving is essential because it will give your collection structure and organization when placed in order on the shelves.

Choose Furniture That Can Act as Storage

You can use furniture for storage. A bookcase is an excellent choice because it’s already designed to hold books and probably has plenty of space left over to store other things. Coffee tables are another perfect option if they have storage space underneath them. If you don’t have a coffee table, try using a console table or sideboard. You could also utilize the drawers in a chest of drawers for storing items that need dedicated space instead of shoving them into random corners where they’re likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Use wall space, use ceiling space, and under-stairs space. Make use of an alcove or closet to create a reading nook. If you don’t have any cavities, consider adding one in by building out the wall. Consider using a loft to store your books and display them too.

Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an excellent way to add storage space without taking up floor space. They can be used in many different rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom. For example, you could use a floating shelf as a display area for kitchenware, mugs, or tea cups. This will allow you to maximize your available space while adding visual appeal to your home library.

Invest in Shelving Systems With Adjustable Shelves

A shelving system with adjustable shelves would be one of the best investments you create for your home library. These units allow you to create a custom display that works for the available space, which means they can be used to display books or other items. They’re also easy to install if you decide in a few years that your collection has outgrown its current location.

Consider Glass Doors for Your Bookcase

Glass doors are an appreciable way to display your books and create a focal point in the room. They can also serve as an attractive dust cover or even hide an area that is messy or needs work. If you have a lot of books, consider using glass shelves so that people can see all of your collection without having to dig through it. Here are some additional ideas for a home library according to Architectural Digest.

Make Use of an Alcove or Other Awkward Space

A small space can be used to create a reading nook. The idea of a home library is not limited to the traditional concept of a large room with tall shelves but can also be applied to other areas in your home. You can see how you can use an alcove or additional awkward space. This will allow you to have everything within reach when you need it.

Think Outside the Box; No Dedicated Space for a Library

You don’t need a dedicated room to have a library. You can design a home library in any room of your house, no matter what size or shape it is. A home library can be as simple as an entire wall of bookshelves and even take over one corner of your living room with all your favorite reads. You could also use a closet or small space like an office or storage area.

Whatever you decide to do, you are going to love your new home library. All the great classics will head up on your shelf for safekeeping (and for another read down the road).

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