A pocket door is a type of sliding door that slides into a “pocket” in the wall. Pocket doors will be almost entirely concealed inside the adjacent wall when open to save space and give them an elegant functionality. They’re typically installed with a hanging track system that makes them easy to open and close.

Pocket doors have a mixed reputation. It can be challenging to fix problems if the issue is with the part of the track inside the wall. However, using an innovative pocket door system that is well-designed and non-damaging can help to alleviate issues seen in other pocket door systems, allowing you to fully enjoy the many benefits of pocket doors without the headache.

Here are 7 reasons why you should install a pocket door system:

Save Space

Pocket doors are an amazing way to free up space in your home or office. Think of the space a traditional door occupies so that it can fully swing open or shut. Then there’s the space an open door occupies against the wall. A pocket door system can help you reclaim that space for furniture or hanging pictures & artwork. Anyone who lives in a small apartment or home knows that every inch of floor and wall space matters.

Pocket doors just glide along their track to open. There is no swinging involved. When open, they fully disappear into a pocket in the wall. Whether left opened or closed, pocket door systems do not occupy additional space. They are a great way to avoid the hassle of measuring and rearranging furniture to ensure a door can swing open or closed.

With all that extra room, you can add in more furniture and decoration. It can really help to step up your interior design game – an added bonus!

Flexibility Between Rooms

Pocket doors provide more flexible options in a room. An open pocket door can be more like a structural archway, like not having a door at all. Leave it open to give an open layout feel. If you need more privacy, just slide it closed. The aesthetic vibe of the room can be completely transformed depending on if the door is left open or closed.

You can also completely change the layout of your home or office by installing a pocket door. A one-bedroom home can become two bedrooms, a large living room can be divided into a living room and an office, and so on. The options are really endless as a pocket door system can provide an easy, practical solution to troubling layouts in your space. They can also really help to maximize your space and give you the type of flexible living you have been looking for.


Pocket door systems can add a ton of functionality to any space. If you are having a gathering with a lot of people, leave the door open for easy access between rooms. If your child is watching a movie in the den while you are on an important work call, slide it closed for some privacy. Since a pocket door glides right into the wall, there is nothing to win or lose visually or aesthetically whether it is left opened or closed.

Pocket door systems can also help to make rooms with an awkward layout appear more functional. If your large living room has a small nook in the corner, you can easily transform it into a second room such as an office, allowing you to fully maximize what might have otherwise been a tricky space to decorate.

Create Privacy

Pocket doors are a great way to create privacy between rooms or within a larger room. When pocket doors are left open, they create the feeling of one large room because they do not swing open or shut. However, if you want to divide a large room into a smaller room easily and without fuss, a pocket door is the perfect addition.

If you and your spouse both work from home, installing a pocket door system can help divide one home office into two, providing you both with more privacy throughout the workday. Pocket doors can also be used to hide away mess or clutter when you have guests. And you don’t need to worry about rearranging any furniture because the pocket door hardly takes us any floor space!

Make a Design Statement

Pocket doors initially became popular during the Victorian Era. However, they have come a long way in terms of both mechanics and design since then. With an array of different types of pocket doors available, they can double as an accessory in any room – or really, two rooms!

Adding a pocket door system provides not only functionality but also enhances the aesthetic of your space. You can go for a minimal, clean look with a plain pocket door or something with a unique, different design for a statement piece. What may look like a beautiful piece of wall art is actually a functioning, efficient door!

Freshen Your Space

Adding a pocket door can completely change a room. It can also give you the opportunity to create a whole new room. Decluttering your home is one of the top ways to freshen up your space. Adding pocket doors and dividing up your room is a great way to do this.

As the article explains, decluttering can lead to rearranging, which also helps to spruce up your space. Pocket door systems will give you the opportunity to rearrange existing furniture or bring in something new to change up the whole vibe!

Increase Value

Pocket door systems add a unique element to a room by creating versatility and adaptability. You can leave it open to create an open, flowing space or closed to create a private, intimate room. Adding these unique features to your home or space can help increase its property value. It is all in the details!

Pocket doors can also help you to declutter and redecorate, which can also lead to boosting property value. Installing a pocket door system can make your space appear more livable and desirable by correcting inefficient floor plans. Separating a room with an awkward layout can help disguise a floorplan flaw, which could otherwise be a turnoff to a potential buyer. Adding a pocket door system can help to improve the overall flow of a room and make your space seem more appealing.

Pocket doors provide a quality solution to many issues you may run into in your home or office. They can help to completely transform your space for the better. Installing an innovative, well-designed pocket door is key to ensuring your pocket door is long-lasting and serves your space to the fullest!