Take a look around before you consider putting your house on the market to see what modifications you can make to increase your chances of getting your asking price. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to talk to a local estate agent like the estate agents in Sittingbourne about the qualities that make the most impact in your area when it comes to selling.

10 quick wins for adding value to a product before selling it


The most common house renovation is redecorating, and a fresh coat of paint may be done for a reasonable price. Do not be hesitant to pick up the paintbrush; neutral colours are most appealing to property buyers and can go a long way to give your home a new lease on life.


Though minor flaws and defects in the property and its surroundings do not majorly affect the sale. The point that they are present gives an impression to the buyer that the property is worn down and has been neglected for a long time. In order to avoid this, it is best to have a thorough check of the property and fill all the cracks and minor defects that are blaring to the buyers during a home visit. 


First impressions matter, and the front entrance of your home may tell potential buyers a lot about the remainder of the property. Power wash or add a fresh coat of paint to the entrance door to make it look new. Even installing a new doorknob, house number, or name plaque can make a huge difference to your property. To help your property stand out, try to make your front entrance look wiser than your neighbours’.


Never underestimate the value of maintaining a clean and orderly environment, particularly in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and restroom. You should also look to see whether there is too much furniture in each room since this might make the space appear smaller.


If it’s chilly outside, potential buyers will want to know that your central heating works well and that you’re comfortable in your house. Good lighting is also important on a dismal day, so placing lamps in dark spots will help. It’s preferable to hold the showing during the day, but if a possible buyer arrives after dark, switch on any exterior lights.


Spend some time tidying up your front garden if you have one. A few plant pots and a clear pathway can help with first impressions by making the front of your house more appealing. Create a decking area that gives the impression of additional usable living space. This will provide owners with more space to relax and entertain in the warmer months.


Experts, including Quealy & Co, the estate and letting agents in Sittingbourne, say that having the space to park close to your front door is really valuable in some areas in the UK. So if you have the space to add off-street parking, you will undoubtedly boost the value of your home.


Smart home technologies are becoming more significant to purchasers, and simply announcing the presence of fibre optic connections in your neighbourhood may be enough to attract them. Multi-room music platforms and other statement systems can also make an impact.

Additionally, double glazing will aid in the retention of heat (and keep noise out). Hive, a smart technology that allows you to operate your heating system from your phone, is a feature worth considering. A house improvement that raises your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by a band can increase the sale price by thousands of dollars!


Most buyers pay special attention to the kitchen. When they find the house attractive, the kitchen may be the first thing they look to replace or pay more for. You may not be able to afford a whole new kitchen, but painting units or replacing cupboard handles or doors are excellent alternatives for a limited budget. Focus on having good lighting and clutter-free, clean surfaces.


Re-grouting, removing any limescale, and replacing taps are all wonderful solutions in the bathroom. Paint the walls a neutral colour and, ideally, add a new shower curtain or a basic glass screen to make the bathroom look fresh and sanitary. 

Larger projects that increase the value of your home

Loft conversions, conservatory additions, and garage conversions are large projects to be considered during renovation, but they bring large returns. If you have the luxury of space then adding off-street parking will almost certainly boost the value of your property.

You’d have to spend money on designing the extension and having a survey, but knowing the council has already granted an extension would remove much doubt from a possible buyer’s mind.

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