Polished Concrete Floor
What Are The Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floor

The unpolished concrete gives rise to tiny dust particles, resulting in a huge dusting. The consequences can be costly maintenance. Installing polished concrete can prevent this problem.

For the residential and commercial settings, the polished concrete floor in Melbourne has become the most preferable choice. Not only is it a long-lasting and stain-resistant building material, but also has an aesthetic appearance due to its light-reflective effects.

In fact, the polished concrete floor is superior to other types in some respects such as maintenance, effectiveness, cost, etc. So, it is important to be well-informed about the significance of the flooring. Keep reading the article to know its advantages.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete Floor Everyone Should Know

Great Versatility

There are countless design options for the polished concrete floor that you can choose according to your preferences. Different dyes, colors, pigments, or decorative chips can be used to enhance the look of the surface. The flooring can be customizable even with stunning graphics.

Additionally, there are different types of finishes to give shine to the floor. Being without any grout lines, the polished concrete floor is absolutely seamless. This feature of the flooring prevents clutter on the surface and provides your guests and customers a more pleasant and welcoming environment.

Easy To Maintain

For the polished concrete floor, there is a need for relatively little maintenance. A simple dusting, brooming, and mopping is enough to prevent dust and dirt accumulation. You should “wet mop” the flooring weekly to restore the shine and remove any watermarks, scratches, and mud. Use water and pH-neutral solution to clean the surface.

Additionally, there is no need for polishing or aggressive scrubbing to maintain the shine as the flooring is durable for several years. The only maintenance required is the application of wax or sealants for the protection from any damage. You can do it every year to preserve the aesthetics of the floor.

Cost-Effective Option

You can have a budget-friendly material for enhancing your place by choosing polished concrete flooring. If you are renovating your space and working on the existing concrete slabs, there is no need for extra charges. Such as, there is no additional requirement for wood, carpet, or any other kind of floor cover.

Besides this, as we have already mentioned above, that polished concrete floor has great durability which reduces the expenses of repairing, harsh cleaning, or replacement. This even prevents the costs related to floor waxing or polishing within the months.

The shiny surface of this flooring not only provides elegance to the space but also gives natural light. Thus, there will be no need for more artificial lights in the room, reducing the electricity bill.

High Durability

The polished concrete floor is highly strong and rigid which makes it able to resist pressure from heavy-weight machines and foot traffic. Scratches or marks are considerably very less. There is no worry of its peeling off as no coatings of paints are applied on floors.

If you seal the polished concrete with high-quality sealants, the flooring becomes resistant to chemicals such as acids that may cause corrosion.

Highly Environmentally-Friendly

The polished concrete is certainly an environmentally friendly option as no dangerous chemicals, sealants, or cleansers are used during its installation and maintenance. As we have mentioned above, for the cleaning purpose, only pH-based cleaners are allowed which are totally non-toxic.

In addition, as we know this flooring has a radiant surface, it helps to prevent the more charges of electricity bills. Moreover, the installation of the polished concrete floor does not cause the emission of harmful elements and volatile organic compounds into the air. Additionally, the flooring has LEED certification which implies less waste is produced and less maintenance is required for this material.

Great Spill-Resistant Surface

Polishing the polished concrete floor makes its surface non-porous. This attribute of the flooring helps to resist different types of chemicals such as organic solvents, detergents, degreasers, lubricants, etc. Thus, the ideal choice for the garage floors where the chances of spills are more.

Being non-porous, the flooring prevents the penetration of any spill into the surface, facilitating the cleaning process.

Increased Slip-Resistance

The chances of slip are more in wet areas if there is a concrete surface. Here, the polished concrete floor comes to the rescue. Though the flooring looks shiny but has a non-slippery texture.

During the application, grinding and leveling of the surface increase the friction of the floors. It can prevent fall and slip accidents, thus reducing the risks of severe injuries. Most suitable to install in your home, if you have kids or old members in the family.

Summing Up

With multiple benefits, it is easy to believe why the polished concrete floor is becoming popular gradually. Whether you want the flooring for your garages to withstand heavy machines or your home for its aesthetics, it will never disappoint. Therefore, it is globally considered the most promising material.

So, do purchase the polished concrete for your place and take its several advantages. 

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