If there is one flooring option that would be topping the charts, in terms of its appeal, its look and feel and its charm, it would be hardwood flooring. But then, most of us turn our heads away and look for options that may not be ruling the charts, but that may be a more pragmatic choice. Why the resistance towards installing hardwood floors you ask? To begin with, they are exorbitantly priced. They need a lot of upkeep and maintenance because they are prone to scratches and stains. In places that are moist, there is a high chance of the flooring swelling up with moisture and getting ruined over a period of time. So then, in that case, what is the next best option for you that can circumvent all the hassles and yet give you the look and the elegance of hardwood floors? Wood-look tiles! Yes, you heard it right!

What is wood tile flooring?

This is the first question that comes to mind. What is wood tile flooring? Simply put, it is a tile that is designed to appear like wood. In fact, these tiles are designed so meticulously, it is almost impossible to make the difference with the naked eye – thanks to the modern day technology and innovations that make this possible. This wood like tile flooring is perfect for those of you who want to have the classic wood look, minus the struggles that come along with it.

Why should you choose Wood Look Floor Tiles?

Resistance To Water And Stains

Wood look tiles are tiles after all, hence they are great fighters when it comes to water and stains. They are highly durable and last you a long time and you no longer have to worry if there is any pilferage, which would often lead to dampness in the flooring in wood tiles.

They Last Long And Come With Easy Maintenance

When you look at your flooring requirements, the first and most basic purpose is that the flooring should last long. This is the good thing about tiles. They are resilient and enduring. Also, they have low porosity which means they absorb minimal water. Their easy to clean surface ensures that you do not need to spend hours on cleaning. So whether you have toddlers or pets, cleaning is so much easier!

They Are Highly Durable

When compared to the hardwood planks, there is a clear winner when it comes to durability. The wood look tiles are made of materials like ceramic, porcelain and vitrified, which makes the tiles resilient. The tiles can handle heavy footfall and you can rest assured that they will last long and well. It is an excellent flooring option for both residential and commercial spaces.

They Are Resistant To Moisture

The root cause of deterioration in any space is dampness. Be it the walls or the flooring, dampness is a very powerful enemy that can bring the strength and the beauty of any space down. Wood-look tiles appear like wood, but do the work of tiles. The material used to manufacture them is what makes the tiles absorb minimal moisture. This makes them a great choice for wet spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, and basements that are highly prone to moisture exposure.

Versatile In Performance

Tiles are the one of the most versatile choices for any space, especially when you consider its durability, longevity and maintenance. Wood look tiles are man made and go through a manufacturing process, which ensures that the final output is tough enough to enjoy long lasting benefits of use. They can be used literally anywhere, be it commercial or residential, wet or dry. This kind of freedom is not available while working with wooden flooring.

Great In Adaptability

Wood look tiles look exceptionally good, no matter where you choose to install them. It is because of this feature that these tiles can work with any aesthetic there is, be it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even outdoors! Because the tiles have low porosity and are enduring, it makes them the most preferred choice for any space.

Value Addition In Your Homes

Wood look tiles add a touch of elegance and luxury in any space that they are installed in. Being tiles, their cleaning and maintenance is easy and they keep looking as good as new for a long time. This is an added bonus for those of you who wish to resell your homes, since wood look tiles can surely increase value of your house. Since wood look tiles work with almost any kind of style, it is easy for people to move in with their existing furniture, making it a very convenient choice.

Complements All Design Options

There are plenty of options in colour and designs available in wood look tiles. Whether you want to give your home a vintage vibe or make it look contemporary, wood tiles can deliver the look you aspire to have. Tiles are very practical and affordable compared to the actual wooden planks, they come in a lot of variety in terms of texture, design, colour and so on, ensuring they work with a variety of colour and design schemes in any space. Lighter wood can give your space a cosy cottage like feel, while darker tones can invoke a warm cabin like feel, so choose your colour and design depending on the ambience you want to create.

They Control Temperature

Whilst the tiles will have a warm wood-like appearance, they will provide you with a cool underfoot. This is what will be a saviour for all seasons, especially the summers in the tropical areas. Your electricity bills will be forever grateful to you for choosing wood tiles for this!

A Hygienic Solution

Pure wooden planks that are used as flooring have a very high tendency of trapping dust allergens and pollen. This can cause trouble for those people who are prone to allergies and respiratory ailments, as this can bring in a lot of discomfort. This is where tiles come to rescue. They do not trap dust particles and can be swiped off with a wet mop or a vacuum, making them a more hygienic solution for your home.

Choosing the right flooring is never easy. But with the right know-how and information, you can make an informed decision to install the most suitable flooring for your home. Opting for wood look tiles is a great choice to give your home an elegant facelift. Not only are tiles a super efficient choice, but it is also a sustainable choice for the environment. Those trees that will be uprooted to make the flooring for your homes will now stand strong and mighty whilst your homes look great too!

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Author Bio: Mahima Rawat works with the content team at Orientbell Tiles, where she creates interesting lifestyle pieces on home and interior design. She loves presenting options to her readers so they can make the right choices when it comes to their home interiors. Flooring and tiles are her favourite topics. Besides interior design, she also loves to travel, play badminton and listen to music.