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A pest infestation occurs when a species regarded as a “pest,” either singly or in a group, infiltrates a location or region. As a result, there may be a higher risk of health-related issues or environmental harm for both people in the impacted environment and the environment at large.

One of the worst indicators that there may be a risk of serious infections is pest infestation. 

Bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and birds are just a few examples of pests that indicate their presence. You must recognize the warning signs of a pest infestation to prevent pest problems in rentals. Join us as this article discusses the top eight signs of pest infestation to watch out for.

Top 8 Signs of Pest Infestations to Watch Out For

Physical damage

When pests are not eliminated promptly, they can cause substantial damage to your property. Look for gaps in the walls and flooring, particularly in darker, less-used areas. Rodents will nibble on almost anything, even electrical cables, and furniture.

Check plants both inside and outside the house for signs of chewing and insect trails. Large brown spots on the lawn are another sign of an infestation. Termites are well-known for destroying wood and can cause severe structural difficulties if not discovered early. Look for damaged wood, as well as widening gaps.

Pest Droppings

Rodents typically leave behind black pellet droppings, which are easy to spot and indicate an infestation. If you see any, cleaning them up immediately is essential because they may pose a health risk. Check cabinets and other enclosed or concealed spaces often, especially in the kitchen.

Even insects leave their traces. Like cockroaches, bedbugs can also leave behind eggshells and dark, rust-colored stains in their feces. Additionally, if you see an increase in the number of dead insects of the same species, particularly on window frames or basements, they may reside on the property. You can hire a committed property manager (that can assist with pest control) as most pest droppings can contain infection and disease.

Unusual Sounds 

Pests frequently make strange noises at night, including scratching and squeaking. These sounds are commonly heard on your home’s floorboards, roofs, walls, and other tight spaces.

Rodents, in particular, can make a lot of noise. Look for noises such as rhythmic thumping, scratching, and nibbling. It can be challenging to sleep at night when you hear strange noises. It also raises concerns about whether household possessions are being destroyed or broken.

Unusual Odours 

Smells are frequently one of the first indicators of an infestation. For example, bedbugs have a sweet, musty odor, while mice and rats smell like stale urine or ammonia. You should quickly search your home for further indications if you discover any of these odors. If you can smell pests on your property, that is not a good indication because it suggests that they are already inside and causing a problem. However, some DIY methods, like practical tips on how to get rid of termites in your home, can offer some cost-effective help to get rid of these pests.

Pest Tracks

Rodents and insects follow the same routes, so you can see where they’ve gone. Look for greasy spots or streaks on your floors because mice and rats frequently crawl down your walls. Additionally, search for urine or animal droppings on the floor next to the wall.

Check your kitchen and bathroom floors for these clear indications of cockroach presence: red-brown spots. However, if you look closely enough, you can distinguish insect patterns and tracks from rodents.


Rats, mice, and other significant pests will build a nest out of whatever they can get their grips on, including paper, fabric, organic trash, and carpet. Paper that has been shredded is a sure sign of rodents. Nests are frequently found inside cabinets, drawers, ceilings, under/behind/inside appliances, and other undisturbed places. Avoid disturbing any nests you may come across because doing so will cause the pests to run off in all directions. Instead, ask the experts to manage them.

Particles in food

Pests that affect food include flies, beetles, ants, rats, mice, and cockroaches. Your food must be thrown out since these pests have access to it and either consume it or contaminate it.

These pests prefer to feed on cheese, dried fruit, dried meat, cereal, sweets, and grains that have been preserved, such as flour. Larvae and pupae of these pests on packaged foods or shelves are common indications that you have a food pest problem.

Traces of dried blood

Bed bugs leave behind minute flecks of bloody feces after feeding on their victims. If you notice any tiny reddish or dark brown patches on your bedding, you should hire a pest control official so they can look over your rental and get rid of these bloodsucking pests.

What are the four signs of a pest infestation?

Pests are unwelcome visitors that can cause damage to your home, health, and belongings. Unfortunately, pest infestations can happen to anyone, regardless of how clean or tidy their home is. To prevent severe pest problems, it’s essential to know the signs of pest infestations. You should be aware of four primary indicators of a pest infestation.

The first sign of a pest infestation is the presence of droppings. Pests such as rodents, insects, and birds tend to leave droppings in areas where they feed and live. If you notice small, dark droppings, especially in your kitchen or pantry, it could indicate a pest problem.

The second sign is unusual sounds. Pests are active mostly at night, so if you hear rustling or scratching noises from your walls, ceiling, or floorboards, you likely have a pest infestation. This is particularly true for rodents such as mice and rats, which are known to make scratching and scurrying sounds.

The third sign of a pest infestation is damage to your property. Pests can cause structural damage to your home and belongings, such as chewed wires, gnawed wood, and torn fabrics. If you notice holes or gnaw marks, it’s time to investigate further for a pest infestation.

Finally, the fourth sign is the presence of live pests. Seeing pests such as cockroaches, rodents, or insects crawling around your home clearly indicates an infestation. Act quickly if you see live pests, as they can reproduce rapidly and cause more significant problems if left untreated.


The more time pests spend on a property, the more damage they do; therefore, it’s critical to identify an infestation as soon as possible. This will cut down on the expense of their removal and any later repairs, especially given how quickly pests may increase. For example, problems like termites are very destructive and can cause substantial property damage. 

No renter wants to reside in a rental with a pest problem. Some pests, like rats, can potentially infect the entire house with diseases, leading to respiratory problems, among other issues. In addition, it could occasionally impact whether your rental home is habitable. Tenants will undoubtedly leave if the issue is not fixed or action is not taken to stop a recurrence. As a result, landlords are left to search for new renters and deal with persistent pest issues.

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