Summer parties have a particular charm to them. This is part of the year when it’s not just OK to plan an outdoor party; it’s expected.

You’re not just throwing a party out in the open, under the clear sky, and in the fresh air; you’re also putting people in a healthier environment and ensuring a positive energy spread.

Before your summer party can commence, you must prepare your garden for this occasion. Here are some tips to help you out.

Clean up your garden

First, you must clear the debris, rake up your garden, check for any damage to the landscaping, and inspect the area for pests. All this takes just a moment, but you need a checklist, from mowing to fixing the fence. After this inspection, you should not address all the problems with the property and tend to them individually. This will take longer, but it’s more than worth the effort.

Your main objectives are:

  • Debris removal
  • Weed control
  • Pruning and trimming
  • Watering

Just remember that this is still a garden and that its health and overall beauty affect the quality of time you and your guests will spend here. If the area is overgrown and the plants (other than weeds) are dry and unruly, it’ll be better just to go inside.

Provide shade

If you plan to host parties during the day, providing shade is one of your top objectives. Here, you have so many options. Some people have a structure like a pergola or a gazebo that they can rely on. This is the most expensive and reliable solution to the problem.

At the same time, you have less costly solutions like a shade sail or a parasol. While the last part is the least expensive, it’s also the least expensive. One big advantage of these methods is that these shade providers can be dismantled and moved away when not used.

If you plan to host the party on your deck, chances are you’ll be able to get by with a retractable awning. This relatively costly solution is quite convenient but has one major issue – it requires a structure, and its reach is not unlimited.

Consider your needs and budget before deciding what to do here.

Create privacy and intimacy

One of your biggest challenges is providing intimacy for your garden. You see, a summer party needs to be outdoors, but you also want to obstruct the party area from the prying eye and ear. A screen overgrown with vines is probably the first solution that comes to mind, but it’s far from being the most efficient option.

Also, having a fence doesn’t mean you’ve done your job. You would be surprised at how easy it is to hear what happens in the adjacent yard. So, you might want to consider some fence soundproofing, just in case.

The best part of this is that landscaping also affects the acoustics of the yard. Sure, it’s too late to plant something for the summer party, but planning a shrub, hedge for next year, or a tree for a few years is also great.

Install lights

Previously, we’ve talked about how providing shade makes a difference when planning a daytime party, but what about an evening summer party? Planning a party in the dark is not just impractical when you can’t see. It’s also quite hazardous because there are so many elements one can trip on in the dark.

Also, lights make all the ambiance and atmosphere in the area. Ideally, you’ll go with LED. This way, you maximize the light output and minimize power use. You can even leave them on when there’s no one out there and not worry about the power bill. Just make sure that you’re not causing too much light pollution.

If you want to use some candles, feel free to do so; just make sure you don’t put them near anything flammable and put them out before moving indoors.

Set up a fire source

Another thing you want to set up is a fire source. If you’re having a barbecue party, the problem is settled – everyone should gather around a grill. However, what if you want something a bit more ambitious?

The most luxurious option available would be to construct an outdoor fireplace. This is a long-term investment into owning a luxurious property. Sure, it’s a bit impractical during most of the year, and it will give you more to clean, but at the same time, the value of the property will skyrocket, and the quality of time spent there will be unparalleled.

You can also construct a fire pit. This is inexpensive and so simple that you can even make it alone. Then, you can slap a grill on it to prepare food or just roast some marshmallows on the fire. The thing is that many people ignore fire safety while making this element, which is not the smartest thing to do. Make sure to do your research and planning while you’re at it.

Provide entertainment

Lastly, you need a plan for the party. Previously, we’ve discussed BBQ, but is this even a BBQ party? Sure, most summer garden parties are, but this is not a hard rule. If you’re serving alcoholic beverages, are you making a cocktail party? You may or may not; the choice is yours.

A good sound system and a great playlist can set the course of the evening. Your choice of playlist may dictate whether there’s dancing involved, regardless of whether you’ve planned it.

Overall, you alone know the agenda of the evening and the nature of your guests (being the one who invited them). Just take your time to plan it all out.  Also, the nature of the party may help set the theme.

Wrap up

Ultimately, preparation for the summer party shouldn’t take that long. While it may be intimidating, it shouldn’t take longer than preparing an indoor party. If anything, cleaning up afterward will be much easier since spilling wine on the grass and doing so on the carpet are different. This alone should be a reason enough to entertain this thought.