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If you are a designer or an architect investigating how metal finishes could enrich your projects and products, then continue reading this article. Here you will find many good ideas for the interior design metal finishes for furniture, which have become increasingly important in recent years in the era of design.

Metal has become a genuine trend that permeates various design industries. Not only in the production and processing of the elements but also the surfaces and metal finishes, unique details find application in furnishing furniture, environments, or walls. The interior design metal finishes with their characteristics offer numerous valid alternatives to architects and designers.

Good ideas for the interior design metal finishes
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Most common metal finishes:

There is no limit to what designs and finishes can be given to a thing, being a designer or architect, you of course know that. Here we have brought some of the most common but beautifulinterior design metal finishes.


Brass is among the most widely used metal finishes in history. Its characteristics, first, its brightness with its anti-corrosion quality, have made it among the favorite metal finish in circulation. The different variants of brass work in different ways to accentuate theinterior design metal finishes.


Among the metal finishes for contemporary furniture and designs, copper is also the oldest of the metals worked. Copper is also known and widely used for its malleability. It is attractive for its copper-green color. It tends to take on water when exposed to the elements.

Polished copper

In this finish, the copper is polished to take care of its appearance, protecting it from oxidation and preserving its aesthetic characteristics over time. The use of premium laminated polished copper with anti-fingerprint properties can give you stronger and safer solutions.

Hammered copper

The interior design of metal finishes involves manual processing. Here the metal copper is hammered manually to be carried out depending on the desired effect, in which the craftsman modifies the surface of the metal in a mechanical and completely customizable way.

Corten Iron

Corten iron is a versatile material with extraordinary properties. Born from a controlled and calculated oxidation process, it can guarantee absolute durability over time, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a structural point of view.

Corten Iron

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a virtually indestructible metal that is also resistant to corrosion, rust, and stains. It is composed of steel and chrome, and the shine of it is halfway between the shine of the two. It is now widely used as a metal finish in so many products.

Polished steel

The polished steel is obtained through the accurate surface processing of the interior design metal finishes. The attention to detail in this type of processing is practically maniacal.

Satin steel

As in the case of iron, satin steel is also obtained through an abrasive surface processing that can give the material a particular aesthetic effect.


The galvanic style of interior design is when the metal finishes are obtained through galvanic treatments and have unique aesthetic and protective properties. Very briefly, galvanic treatments are electrochemical depositions of a thin layer of a metal or alloy that alter the surface properties of the metal. The usefulness of this process is precisely to change the aesthetics, but above all to increase its durability over time, corrosion resistance, and improve other properties.


By electroplating with nickel metal in aqueous solutions with additives, a matte black surface is obtained that increases corrosion resistance. This process is known as “nickel plating.”


The films and coating of theinterior design metal finishes have passed a rigorous inspection to be of high quality. Additionally, maintenance of these metal finishes is quite easy. Typically, wiping it with water will keep it clean. Also, by using hot water or heated wind to apply pressure, the thermal expansion and contraction principle can be used to repair minor scratches on the surface. The most beneficial thing is it can be preserved in its authentic colors for a very long time.

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