If you want to buy furniture that will last for a long time, consider buying modern furniture. This stylish and functional furniture makes it easy to fit into any home decor. 

For example, an online-only furniture retailer sells a range of modern pieces. They also have an excellent return policy. 

They offer a Curated Selection 

Many modern furniture stores specialize in a particular design style, and they can offer you a highly-curated selection of furnishings that are right for your space. For example, you can shop for modern pieces at a store focusing on industrial-meets-Cali-cool. This direct-to-consumer brand partners with furniture manufacturers to cut out the middleman, allowing them to sell high-quality pieces at a relatively affordable price. Their online catalog offers everything from beds to sofas, and it’s a great place to get inspiration for your space. 

Another retailer specializing in modern furnishings offers options at various price points. They have a very refined selection, which is perfect for people who prefer sleek styles, and they even have a hidden Outlet section where you can score some real bargains. 

Suppose you’re looking for more eye-catching pieces to make a statement in your space. This design-forward retailer has a vast selection of furniture and home decor, and they even have pre-styled rooms on their website so you can see how each piece would look in your room before you buy it. 

Finally, consider the store with the Castlery promo code if you want a more generic selection of modern furniture, and you can also save a lot. This big-box retailer has a good piece of budget furniture and a decent return policy in case you end up with something that could be better for your space. 

They Have a Wide Range of Designs 

Whether you’re a modernism purist outfitting an all-midcentury home or an eclectic decorator looking for the perfect piece to balance out your antiques, there are plenty of reputable places to shop for modern furniture. For example, you can check out the curated selection of pieces that museum curators vetted (and shop them online, too). Meanwhile, there is a go-to for made-to-order mid-century-style furniture. It offers fun designs crafted with an eco-friendly focus, including this sofa that upcycles over 200 recycled plastic water bottles. 

Another option is they make modern furniture that lasts. Their design process focuses on simplicity and functionality, resulting in pieces that are easy to use and visually lighter than those from earlier eras. 

And if you’re looking for furniture and decor with a cool, modern twist, try the latter, which even lets you shop by your sign. You can also choose another if you’re in the contemporary furniture and decor market or hit up the brand’s registry (which is super-easy and all-online). It’s also worth checking out some concepts that make modern furniture that’s both sleek and durable. 

They Have a Wide Range of Prices 

There are plenty of affordable options if you want to buy modern furniture but need more money for a full upgrade. For example, some offer an array of name-brand pieces that won’t break the bank. They also often have weekly deals and a clearance section, making finding a part for your space on a tighter budget easy. 

If you want to score an even better deal, check out the sale sections of online retailers. Both stores feature a large selection of furniture in various popular styles, with filters to help you narrow down your search. They also offer free shipping on accessories and a generous return policy. 

More affordable yet high-end furniture is available from shops that carry carefully designed mid-century modern pieces made in small batches to ensure quality. The retailer also has a 365-day return window (restocking fees apply), so you can try out your new pieces in your home before committing to them. 

Another great option is specializing in modern designer pieces that blur the line between furniture and art. These pieces are costly but worth the investment if you love them. The retailer also offers a design service that pairs you with an expert—online or in-person–to help with floor planning and more. 

They Have a Wide Range of Options 

Modern furniture can look expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Many stores specializing in contemporary designs offer pieces at various price points. In addition to offering affordable options, some of these shops also feature online tools that allow you to customize your furniture to make it truly yours. 

For high-end furniture and lighting, it brings icon lamps to the masses (at a cost, naturally). It’s a good idea to visit in person to see these iconic pieces up close and personal. 

The online shop works with independent makers to produce their furniture, which is made in the U.S. Shipping is free on accessories, and the company offers a fair return policy. 

For those who want something a bit more traditional, some feature pieces from established and emerging designers. The website also features helpful digital filters, so you can drill down to exactly what you’re looking for. They have a great selection of rugs and storage solutions, too.