Most of the modern plumbing systems is actually based on science from a couple hundred years ago, which in turn was based on science developed a few thousand years before that with the Roman aqueducts. Utilizing gravity, pipes remove waste from the human living space. We also use gravity to push water to certain areas. But today’s plumbing uses water pressure more than it does gravity. Pumps push water to and from the desired location with ease.

With all that said, the basic sewage system still uses a lot of old fashioned gravity. This means that the forces pulling waste from your home aren’t as powerful as those pushing water into it. So you want to make sure not to put too much in your toilet at one time. 

We interviewed a plumber in Melbourne FL about this topic. He said that the #1 call they get is from toilet and drain clogs. “It never fails. Someone will always put something that doesn’t belong in the toilet and it will get stuck. The other reason main reason we are called is that too much gunk accumulates in a drain.”

So, putting too much of something in a toilet is the #1 problem home owners have followed by drain build up. “Make sure to use plenty of flushes to get the job accomplished. Make sure not to put anything down the toilet other than organic waist and toilet paper. Everything else belongs is a trash can.” said our plumbing advisor. “Follow these two simple rules and make your life a lot simpler as far as plumbing is concerned.”

Plumbing is a modern marvel but it is not fool-proof. It must be taken care of to work properly. And, like any human invention, it will fail on its own sometimes through no fault of yours. That’s when you should think about hiring a professional plumber to get the job done right.