Homeowners always seem to be looking for new and improved household tools to make their homes easier, more efficient, and more equipped. Knowing what you need to complete the many tasks of owning a house is important.

Many different household tools are good for maintaining and cleaning a home. There is something for every situation, from regular vacuums to higher-tech canisters. This article will cover some of the most important household tools to maintain a home.

The following is a list of the best household tools for the average homeowner:

1. Hammer

A hammer is a vital tool for any homeowner. It is used for removing nails, fixing loose things, hanging pictures and other art on your walls, etc. Most hammer manufacturers must sell them in multi-packs or with various types of hammers. It is an important tool when installing your custom interior barn doors, cabinets, headboards, and much more!

2. Screw Drivers

It would help if you had this tool to fix things around your home. Some people like to have specialty screwdrivers, but you can’t go wrong with the basic set. It is very important to know how many types of screws there are and what size is used for what. It would be best if you had a variety of the most common sizes, but it is best to have a lot of smaller ones.

3. Pliers

Pliers are very helpful for everything from tightening loose screws to opening stubborn jars or cans and, of course, fixing things in your home. The most basic pliers in a set generally do the job. However, many homeowners like to have a lot of different types of pliers for specific jobs. You can never have too many, especially for the price.

4. Tape Measure

A tape measure is used to measure different things around your home. It is always used during the fixing and remodeling process. It is also helpful when doing yard work, ensuring you put up enough supplies for a picnic, determining how much material you need for a project, etc.

It is something most homeowners don’t think about having until they need one. It comes in handy when resizing and repairing tile, fixing cabinets and picture frames, customizing your windows and mirrors, etc.

5. Ladder

The ladder is one of the most important household tools. It is used for everything from changing light bulbs in hard-to-reach places to installing walls and ceilings, hanging decorations, making repairs on a roof, etc. Any homeowner should have several ladders in different sizes.

6. Wrench Set

A wrench set is used for tightening and loosening bolts on different types of things. It can be very helpful for making repairs around your home. It would help if you had several different sizes and types of wrenches since there are so many different types of bolts to tighten or loosen for specific jobs. Also, it is wise to have a few different sizes of sockets to fit various bolts.

7. Utility Knife and Saw

A utility knife and saw are good for cutting lawn, garden, and general home maintenance jobs. It would be best if you had these tools in your household. They help you cut through the wood for a project or replace pipes for your new shower installation. These are tools that most people don’t think about, but they come in handy.

8. Cable Ties

Cable ties are very useful household items. They keep your wires and cables together, whether you are installing a new cable package or fixing a computer. They are also helpful for keeping your wires from being messy, even when you don’t have to fix anything.

9. Scissors

Clippers are used for a variety of tasks around the house. You can use them for cutting string, opening packages, and general maintenance jobs. Good scissors are important to help make your home repairs and projects easier.

10. Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are necessary for anyone who wants to take care of their trees and shrubs. Pruning shears cut back branches and limbs and remove dead branches. They are also used to trim bushes and ensure a nice finish. It is very important to have a pair of pruners in your house.

The above list of tools is just a small portion of the many household tools available for homeowners. Many homeowners use these tools daily, often several times daily, to complete different tasks throughout their homes. It is important to have these tools and know how to use them. Some tools, such as a hammer and screwdriver, are used daily. Knowing when to replace your old or broken tools is also important.

Infographic Provided by Radon Inspection Company, Home MD