Building a Home

Building a home for the first time can seem terrifying if you’re unsure of what to expect—but it shouldn’t be.

Whether you’re considering adding an extension to your existing home or doing a full rebuild, it’s best to consult one of the top custom builders Melbourne to put your nerves at ease and familiarise yourself with the build and design processes.

Here, we shed some light on what to expect while building a home for the first time, so you can approach your building project with confidence.

Initial Design Concept

The first thing you’ll need to do is find an architect and builders to draw up an initial concept of what you want to achieve.

Meet with several custom builders Melbourne to discuss your ideas and learn more about their approach, experience, fees, and deliverables. It’s important to select someone you feel comfortable with who understands your vision and respects your budget.

Finalise Design

Once you’ve decided on a design concept, the builder will begin creating more detailed drawings of the design that detail the various top materials and construction techniques used for the build.

Permit Approval

Upon execution, the plans developed by the custom builders are submitted to the local council for permit approval. Before approving or requesting changes from the builder, the council reviews the plans to ensure they meet building safety codes, town planning and overlay requirements.

Permit Approval

Select Your Builder

While your plans are sitting with the local council for approval, you can start looking for a custom builder that will be able to bring your visions to life.

When reviewing quotes, give preference to builders with a solid portfolio of a previous project and a completely transparent fixed-price quotation that details exactly where your money will be spent.


Once your plans are approved and you’ve selected a custom builder, it’s time for the exciting part!

Here’s a general overview of the different stages of the home construction process:

  • Site Preparations & Base Stage – Your builder will decide the exact positioning of the home on the block and lay the foundation and footings.
  • Frame Stage – The wall, roof, and frame trusses are constructed—now you’ll be able to see the extensive outline of the home and get a true sense of its size.
  • Lock-up Stage – The home’s exterior is constructed, including wall and roofing cladding, as well as the installation of the doors and windows.
  • Fixing Stage – The interior of the home is constructed, including the installation of the skirting boards, internal cladding, architraves, internal doors, cabinetry, flooring, and any other fittings and fixtures.
  • Final Stage/Handover – The final touches, such as tiling and painting, are complete, and your plumbing and electrics are finished. A council surveyor will inspect the home and permit you to move into your new home.

There will always be unexpected obstacles in every home-building project. The best advice is to plan ahead of time for each milestone.

For home construction to finish on time and be of high quality, you need excellent custom builders Melbourne. So, get in touch with them for your new home project or renovation to receive exclusive quotes and an overall experience.

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