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According to Investopedia, more than 51% of buyers have found the home they purchased online. At the same time, only 28% found their purchase through a real estate agent, while 4% found their investment through a yard sign. If you’re looking to sell a house for modest sales gain, let real estate websites with the best property search help you out.

While selling a house with the best real estate websites, you tend to receive good quality service, minimal Flat Fee MLS charges, and many other perks as a seller or buyer. The appealing part about selling a house with real estate websites is the quick closing service and maximum savings of 6% real estate agent’s commission. That said, check out our ranking of best real estate websites to sell a house.

Best Real Estate Websites: Company Rankings

Sell a house with America’s best real estate website and save maximum on realtors commission with access to additional services that only traditional agents have authority to. Houzeo certainly provides an unbeatable combination of maximum savings, quick listing, cutting-edge technology, and 5-star customer support.

How does Houzeo operate?

The For Sale By Owner website works on four Flat Fee MLS listing plans ranging from $299+ to the highest, $999+. However, Houzeo’s most liked and trending plan is the Silver package and the particular Gold plan. With Houzeo’s Silver plan, sellers get access to MLS listings for six months and an allowance to upload 24 photos at once. 

Your MLS listing is further syndicated to reliable platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin3, and more. Seller’s also got access to Houzeo’s intelliList listing management, accessible listing, easy listing changes, etc. Unlike other sites, this platform allows homeowners to eliminate their interest in selling a house and cancel anytime.

Meanwhile, if a seller is not confident of his MLS listing details, they can make up anytime changes to the point they feel satisfied with their profile. Houzeo’s custom Yard Sign costs $49 and comes free with a selfie that helps attract home buyers to your doorstep.

Houzeo is the best in business for providing affordable listing charges that suit every class of society. All paperwork and other formalities are carried out 100% online at the platform sites. In addition, Houzeo avails nationwide coverage to home sellers and buyers.


Founded a few years back, Beycome is America’s emerging For Sale By Owner website providing full-time services to buyers and sellers. The platform provides sellers with three first-rate listing options to choose from, where you’ll correspond the services and determine the one that fits the requirements of your home. For a top sale with Beycome, you must sign up for their one-time, flat fee to list your home on local MLS.

How does Beycome operate?

The platform requires sellers to sign up with the website first and then pick the plans they wish to continue with. Once done, sellers should fill out their property details, add at least three photos, and set their prices. With Beycome, whether you’re setting up individual visits or Open Houses, you can manage your availability on your own. Following the home schedule, your listing is officially posted on and hundreds of By Owner sites.

Impressively, the platform prints and ships your personalised yard signs, Open House package, and lockbox directly to your home! However, the facility is only available for sellers with the “Enhanced” or “Concierge” package only. In less than one week, sellers can expect to receive offers from potential buyers directly through your beycome platform. Further, you can choose and accept, counter, or reject with just a short click.

The platform equips sellers with an entire executive legal contract for all parties to review and digitally sign; contracts are prepared in regulation with your state’s laws. Beycome is one such platform after Houzeo that caters to every seller’s needs. To save maximum with additional benefits, you can consider selling a house with this platform any time of day.


Founded in 2006, Zillow is one of the oldest players in the U.S. real estate industry, with almost 36 million unique monthly users. Zillow listings maximize exposure for homeowner properties. Listings from thousands of real estate websites (like, Redfin, etc.) and local MLSs are syndicated on Zillow.

How does Zillow operate?

Zillow functions on a free MLS listing scheme for fewer services offered than a paid listing. Like every other site mentioned, Zillow maximizes the exposure of a home seller’s property by syndicating their listings to local MLS and thousand other platforms like, Redfin, etc.

The platform’s free MLS listing additional services include Zillow Zestimate, Zillow mobile app, 3D virtual home touring app, and Zillow Rental Manager app, where you can track your home selling path. However, Zillow has a low customer service rating of fewer than two stars and expects unsolicited calls from agents. Well, the exposure is legit, but you’ll have to be patient with the MLS listing and avoid fraud calls.


Opendoor is the best real estate website to sell a house for fast cash. The platform is America’s first iBuyer, founded in 2014, offering 90% to 100% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV). The site has so far provided cash deals to more than a million users across the United States of America.

How does Opendoor operate?

Opendoor takes 24 business hours to share an initial cash offer after a user signs up with the website. To sign up, sellers can visit Opendoor mobile app or the official website. Just provide your address, a photo of your home, and some basic information about the size and status of your property, which completes the process for getting a cash offer.

As an Ibuyer, Opendoor’s closing costs are higher than Houzeo’s. The door opening service charge (5%), plus maintenance deductions, typically 1% to 7%. In contrast, the final cash offer is calculated after closing costs, typically 6% to 13%. Opendoor is suitable for houses in excellent condition and requires no or fewer repairs. If you fall in any such category, selling a home for cash with Opendoor can be a good deal for you.

Final Words

Every real estate website mentioned is best for property search for home buyers to find the proper real estate position for themselves. Meanwhile, to maximize the sales returns for home sellers, you should always opt to work with a Flat Fee MLS listing website and iBuying companies for fast cash rather than selling your house for a 6% real estate agent’s commission conditions. Pick the right platform for your property that’s pocket friendly and assures maximum exposure to the MLS listing.

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