A home’s interior comes to life when there is beautiful texture, warmth, and character that you can see and feel. That is why brick walls in the home can exude charm and timelessness no matter what type of decorating elements you prefer. It’s a unique design aesthetic that will never go out of style. Home interior experts are sharing their favorite tips about brick walls and how to show off their exceptional quality.

The Brick Evolution

Some people think that the use of brick as a popular building material was only established during the Industrial Revolution. Still, history shows that this amazing product goes back many years to the days of ancient Egypt in the construction of fortresses to the striking Gothic architecture created during the Middle Ages.

A Structural Purpose

Many older residences that feature historic brick serve a key purpose in the layout of a home or apartment. The existing brick was most likely there for structural reasons, and that usually entailed the construction of an old fireplace or an exterior wall. Brick was known to be stronger and more durable than concrete and had a greater advantage over wood.

There’s no reason to have existing brickwork removed because the appealing aesthetic can be utilized with any design. By preserving existing brick inside your home, you are celebrating your residence’s special history and maintaining one of the world’s favorite modern building materials.

A Pretty Patina

When you design an interior space around a brick wall or brick walls, you can transform the room instantly with the right color components. For instance, to create a stunning “Old World” charm and focal point, try limewash brick paint for this aesthetic.

The paint will maintain its pretty patina for decades because it is specially made with dolomite lime from Northern Italy. The white-washed look is timeless and natural-looking and allows you to create that enviable European design for your brick walls in a simple, one-coat process.

Visually, a brick patina adds richness and warmth to a room, and “if these walls could talk,” they would tell you a story.

A New Trend, Too

Not every residence or apartment has a historic background, but brick walls are still making their way into a variety of buildings. Interior designers are hot on the trend of bringing brick back for its elegant and rugged aesthetic beauty rather than as a structural necessity.

Today, you can find interior brick designed as “thin brick” in adhered veneer systems, and it’s affordable and convenient for many. The thin brick is made from the same materials as other bricks but weighs less and can be installed by masons, tile setters, etc.

Thin brick is also strong, fire-resistant, and provides security and acoustic comfort.

Industrial, Cottage, Old World

The beauty of brick walls in your home is an added bonus. Maybe you have modern industrial design preferences, or perhaps, you fancy something that looks cozy and vintage or sophisticated “Old World.” Brick can work in just about any interior style you can imagine, and this is why brick walls are awesome design elements.

Artwork and other home design accents look gorgeous on exposed brick walls, so don’t be afraid to enhance this part of your space.

Design pros suggest open-backed bookshelves in front of your brick wall. That’s more visually attractive and less obtrusive than placing a closed bookcase with a back against it. This way, the brick enhances your shelves and what’s sitting on them.

Another idea is to hang colorful artwork on a brick wall. A statement piece will draw attention to the space and create a striking focal point. Or you can lean a large mirror against your brick wall for depth and design.

Be sure to add plenty of greenery near your brick wall for extra, exquisite natural beauty along with wood pieces. Wooden frames, trays, and side tables will all look lovely against a brick wall.

Final Thoughts

Your home should be comfortable and appeal to the way you want it to look. As you can see, brick walls are a treasured aesthetic that brings texture and timelessness to your space.

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