Rug Last

Making your rug last as long as possible can turn it into an antique asset when cared for properly. Here are some tips to extend that longevity and turn your rug into a piece of the family’s most prized possessions.

Keeping Your Rug Safe

What Material Is the Rug Made of?

Your rug is made of a particular cloth or fabric that you should be aware of. Why? Cleaning solutions and methods will react differently to rugs. If you can access the material description somewhere for your rug, it’s a huge help. You’ll be able to quickly identify the dos and don’ts for cleaning it. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of permanently damaging the material with the wrong cleaning supplies.

Clean Regularly, But Don’t Overdo It

Cleaning is the foundation of making your rug last. This rids your rug’s surface of debris and any potentially damaging factors from getting into the stitching.

Mind the Traffic You Get on Your Rug

If the rug’s in a high foot traffic area, you need to stay on top of how often people are walking through and mucking up the surface. Mud and other debris will quickly destroy a rug and make it almost unusable.

Without regular attention and care, the stitching will get weaker and weaker. However, even if you are cleaning the rug, foot traffic will eventually break it down. Make sure that for the rugs you want to make really last,you need to keep them in lower foot traffic areas. This extends their lifetime use significantly. Otherwise, you’re going to need repairs done to the rug to keep it working at its best.

Still Looking for a High-Quality Rug That Will Last?

Woven Passion Rugs high-quality rugs can set your living space apart. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on buying one, here are some characteristics to look for that will inherently allow your rug to last longer.


The material should come first. Find a rug that suits your home aesthetic perfectly. If the material isn’t right, it’ll never feel like the correct choice. Be careful around making this mistake, you’ll save yourself time and money in the long haul.


Regardless of the material, you won’t want a poorly-patterned rug to last anyway. Make sure you find a rug that best suits your home layout and design. Poor rug choices can easily take a room down and make it feel less complete.

Don’t wait. Find your dream rug today!

Rotate your furniture

If the design of your room allows it, try and rotate your furniture on a regular basis – we advise every six months. This should help to thwart premature wear and tear in confined areas, and will also help with fading from sunlight and continuous pathway use.

Remember, each chair leg will create divots in the rug, and even light furniture will sink over time. A 5-year divot is almost certainly going to be permanent so rotating furniture and repositioning it will help to keep fibres fresh and bouncy.

Top Tip: Use the repositioning as a chance to give your rooms a spring clean. This time is a great opportunity for de-cluttering and cleaning under all furniture and those forgotten corners of your rooms.

Washable Rugs

Some rugs are perfectly fine to be machine washed, as long as you follow the recommendations on the care label for water temperature and wash cycle, making sure you use a mild detergent. If you can’t find the care label, we advise using a warm-water setting and the gentle cycle on your machine, always tumble dry at the lowest heat setting.

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