Do you want a mosaic tile for your kitchen that resembles the Greco-Roman or Ottoman Empire without breaking the bank? Not only will you love your mosaic, but everyone who sees it will want to know where you got it from. Read on to discover two fountains in Lebanon—yes, Lebanon is now part of those ancient kingdoms—that each has their mosaic restorations done using traditional methods.

Mosaic is an art form that is 4000 years old or older.

 Mosaic art uses small pieces—stone, marble, minerals, glass, tiles, or shell—sometimes called “test” that are glued together to create a colorful pattern or scene. The smaller these texts are, the closer mosaic art can imitate a painting.

Only two sources in Lebanon offer you the mosaic tile of your dreams. Find many mosaic tile ideas from both suppliers. Although they both offer kitchen sprays, they both have a wider range of products than kitchen mosaics. You can find more mosaic tile art including:

Mosaic tile backsplash

  • Locket
  • Animal
  • Religious matters
  • Mirrors
  • Of geometric models
  • Flowers and plants
  • Statistics
  • Carpets
  • And much more

Mosaic was founded in 1963. It has workshops in Lebanon and Jordan and a sales office in Los Angeles. If you know anything about eBay, you know that a 100% positive review is a very good thing. Mosaic has such a rating. Customer said: “VERY GOOD, very good price for this great product.” “Absolutely perfect for our oven backsplash, gorgeous sheet art,” wrote another. Mosaic can edit any photo you submit. Just send them the image you’d like to recreate in Sized Mosaic and you’ll receive a free custom quote within 24 hours. Their kitchen backsplash products range from $60 to $801 plus shipping. For each object, they tell how many pieces make up the total. You will be surprised!

Another company, Mosaic Marble, started in 1968.

 They manufacture their mosaic tiles in Lebanon. In addition to common items, Mosaic Marble can create mosaic artwork from any design, painting, portrait, landscape or portrait you submit. “I’m just looking for a dolphin mosaic… I can never buy a piece like this anywhere else,” the man exclaimed. Another wrote: “I saw the mosaic pieces and they are really beautiful… I’m always looking for beautiful decorative pieces that I think are very valuable and high quality.” Mosaic Marble Mosaic tile backsplash pieces are priced from $20 (4 x 4) to $600 including shipping.

Imagine standing in front of a beautiful piece of art – your mosaic art – and emanating incredible aromas from the oven at the front of your home. Before you count all the tile stove backsplash art teasers, the delicious cooking is done. Both would be nice.

Steve Brown Mosaic Tile Backsplash finds and writes about amazing unique and hard to find resources for mosaic tile backsplash. And other wall decoration options. Find a better resource.

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