Running an Airbnb business is a simple and efficient way to make money without permanently subletting your living space. It’s a way even for people who don’t own more than one real estate to become landlords.

Since this is a business idea, you need to maximize your profit. This brings us to the biggest problem of Airbnb users – low appeal= high vacancy. In other words, to attract people, you need to make the place look more formidable. Speaking about the appeal itself, one of the biggest concerns with Airbnb is privacy. So, soundproofing the place might help you get more visitors.

The problem with this is that the investment you make to increase the appeal of the place might not end up being worth it. Your investments must be as low as possible to run a profitable business. So, you can’t break the bank while improving the place.

With all of this in mind and without further ado, how do you soundproof your Airbnb rental without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas.


The cheapest way to soundproof the place without breaking the bank is to buy curtains. Ideally, you would purchase soundproofing curtains, but we recognize that these may be too expensive. Instead, any curtains would do.

Window panes are smooth surfaces that vibrate when sound waves hit. These sound waves bounce back, which amplifies their effect. With curtains, you’re dampening the blow of these waves with a cloth barrier.

It would be best if you could buy heavy curtains for several reasons. First, they can completely shut off the outside light, allowing the visitor to customize their level of privacy. Second, they usually come in the ceiling-to-floor variant, which is great because their sound-dampening properties are stronger than the walls.

Moreover, this will increase the place’s appeal to visitors by making the room more acoustic overall. So, it helps people when they’re video chatting with people back home or recording videos.

Treating Walls

Generally speaking, there are three ways to make your walls soundproof. These are:

  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Acoustic caulk

Insulating walls is the best option. It helps increase the energy efficiency of the room, as well as keep the place quieter. The problem is that it can be pretty expensive. The material is getting increasingly expensive, and skilled insulation experts aren’t cheap. Sure, you can handle it DIY, but the results won’t be the same.

You can also try to install drywall. Other than just making the room quieter, drywall is cheaper than insulation. It provides an additional layer of protection between the rooms, which makes it great for interior walls. Moreover, drywall can be fire-retardant, which keeps the place safer. Most importantly, it’s easily repairable. You would be surprised at just how handy this can get.

Perhaps the cheapest way to make the room soundproof is to consider acoustic caulking. This is a sealant applied to gaps on the perimeter of sound control. This way, you can seal electrical outlets, pipes, etc.


Windows are usually the most problematic element in the room. This is why our first advice was to buy a curtain. Ideally, you would look for windows with more acoustical properties, but this would be incredibly expensive. After all, you can’t change just one or two windows without compromising the visuals of your home.

Instead, you can get inserts for windows and get the same effect for a lot smaller investment. These features are functional and can fit any window out there. Moreover, they contribute to the energy efficiency of the window. Since about 35% of all heat leaves via windows, this dramatically boosts your home’s entropic structure.

Most importantly, these additions are quick to install so that you can implement them immediately.


Whether the room you rent is upstairs or downstairs, carpets improve everything. First, they can make the room quieter by reducing the footstep noise.

Second, they make the place significantly warmer. According to some estimates, a carpet raises the temperature in the room by two degrees. To an Airbnb landlord, this further increases the profit by reducing expenses.

Lastly, we’ve talked about increasing the appeal of the place. Well, a carpet will provide you with a substantial visual boost. A carpet will look good in photos and even better in person. It’s a simple and inexpensive tip that can make a difference.

Just remember that picking the right carpet is a challenging task. While it makes the room quieter, this is never why you’re getting a carpet. What you need is something capable of bringing the room together. It’s a way to bring more comfort to the area.

Door Noise Blocker

Buying a quality draft stopper will make the room quieter. We’ve already talked about blocking gaps under the door, and this is the simplest way to get there. It is also the cheapest way. It’s designed to be suitable for hard floors and carpets, which means there are no limitations to who can use them.

As you would expect, it also helps insulate the room and physically prevents heat loss. While some are just inserted under the door, some are installed with screws. This makes the installation slightly more complex but makes it more reliable.

Just make sure to check the dimensions of the stopper so that you don’t have to improvise. It’s easy to understand why having the right fit is so important here. It also helps to check the installation procedure in advance. This way, you can avoid frustration and get all the tools/materials you need.

Wrap Up

The best thing about this list is that it adds more value than just soundproofing the room. Sure, these methods make the room more isolated from outside noises and add more privacy, but they do more than that. They also help make the room more energy-efficient and even add a nice visual touch to the place.

Sure, some of these perks can’t be discovered online, but they are a sure way to get positive reviews. Most importantly, they’re so inexpensive that the break-even point won’t be too far away. In other words, you’re guaranteed a great ROI.

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