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Secondary glazing is known for its insulation properties. The second window and triple glazing u value pane form an insulating gap that keeps warm air inside and the cold out. What about noise? Does the same concept apply to keeping outside noise out of your home?

Find out how efficient acoustic secondary glazing can be to reduce noise and insulation.

So, What Exactly Is Acoustic Glass?

In simple terms, it’s double the thickness of glass, so it can block out noise better, yet it does not appear thicker than regular glass.

Technically speaking it is comprised of acoustic glass costs that have been laminated with the help of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral).

The PVB membrane is able to reduce noise by absorbing sound energy and blocking the sound waves from traveling throughout the glass. The addition of Acoustic glass can help lessen the interruptions of high-frequency noises – such as airplanes, traffic, or trains.

The acoustic glass comes in thicknesses ranging from 6.8-12.8mm. Every additional millimeter will result in a reduction in the sound level of approximately 1dB.

What’s This Noise?

No matter if it’s noise, traffic, or a nearby industrial project or other activity, outside noise can cause a lot of stress. It’s usually only a minor nuisance.

In addition to causing disruption in conversations and forcing you to turn up the TV, The noise can also keep you up at night repeatedly. Does secondary glazing work?

In short, yes. As recommended by Historic England Secondary glazing is an internal window that is attached to the window’s display or the inside wall.

The gap that exists between the initial window and the acoustic double glazing cost is a solid wall to block out sound from outside. Instead of just one window that lets sound into your home windows with secondary glazing blocks sound waves from entering.

Technically Proficient

What amount of sound can acoustic glass double glazing really eliminate? If it is designed correctly and made of the appropriate material, it can cut down on the amount of noise pollution to as high as 50 decibels.

In actual terms, it’s about 50 percent of the noise that is eliminated. Yes, that’s half the neighbors, traffic and noise from construction can be stopped from entering your property.

Utilizing specially designed acoustic glasses Secondary glazing experts can optimize the performance of your windows.

Double Glazing

How does this compare with double glazing? Many people think double glazing is the best option for noise reduction.

Secondary glazing is up to five times more effective in tackling noise pollution. Double, and sometimes even triple glazing consists of several panes of glass that are separated by a space usually less than 20 millimeters.

However, secondary glazing leaves a gap of about 100mm. The bigger the gap the greater the chance of sound waves which means that fewer sounds can make it through.

It is the thickness that is crucial. Double glazing is where the two panes of glass are typical of the same size. These results in a phenomenon refer to as sympathetic resonance. Vibrations from one glass piece are more easily transmit to other glass panes because they’re of the same thickness.

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Fenestration’s Role In Control Of Sound

As visual heat and light are look at in the building design, the effects of acoustic attenuation as well as of noise that is not need must be consider carefully.

Noise can harm hearing but it also can cause a variety of other health problems. The ability to get an appropriate amount of rest and sleep is a key element to health and well-being.

People who don’t get enough sleep are more susceptible to negative reactions such as tension and blood pressure. Employees are also more productive in the workplace as well as at home if distractions are reduce.


The most common measurement of sound transmission resistance use in the construction industry refers to Sound Transmission Class (STC). It’s a measure of how well a partition blocks the sound that is by air.

This measurement was originally design for ceilings, partitions, interior walls, and floors, but it can now be use to assess the exterior walls, windows, and doors.

Sound Transmission Class offers one number of ratings for partitions in the interior of buildings that are expose to noises emanating from television, voice, and office equipment as well as other high-frequency and mid-frequency sound sources.

Sound Control Is Crucial

The proper audio control is specific to the site. It is evident that a place situates in the middle of 100 acres of woodland is different from an urban high-rise condo.

The selection of the right glazing for door and window frames is a complex decision in the occupancy level and proximity to major traffic routes, and the sound-sensitive inside usages must all be consider.

A thorough understanding of the nefarious dangers to the health of noise pollution as well as the technology that is currently available to eliminate unwant noise is crucial in ensuring a successful noise control plan and the health of buildings’ residents.


Another victory for windows they are soundproof. Due to its style and the way its install, secondary double glazing can result in a lot of condensation.

This can cause an accumulation on the primary unit of glazing and usually requires temporary removal of the secondary unit to enable cleaning.

Sound insulation windows are an airtight, single unit which means there are never problems with cleaning or maintenance.


While soundproof windows provide all the benefits normal windows do, the secondary glazing, due to its structure, is position behind the existing windows, which restricts access to it.


Secondary glazing is off as an ineffective solution, and its life span is less than windows are soundproof. The short life span of triple glazing cost and triple glazing u value is justify with cheaper prices.


It should come as no big surprise to find out that professional installation of soundproofing is more costly than secondary glass.

The constraints of budgets could mean that the cheapest alternative is the best option and it’s not honest of us to say that secondary glazing isn’t able to perform. It could make a significant impact on noise reduction and can even assist by insulating the thermal space.

Soundproof windows can increase the value of your house and will save you money on energy costs, yet you should not think that they’re anything less than a worthy purchase.


Also, there is the matter of aesthetics. The majority of our customers do not like secondary glazing due to its ugly appearance, not to mention its practicality.

It’s hard to argue. Windows made of timber soundproofing offer a more attractive appearance and will definitely earn greater points within this class.

Make Use Of These Two Kinds Of Soundproofing For

Find the weakest places where sound waves will be able to enter and treat them. Sound waves, similar to water, travel on through the most convenient route, and therefore, you should plug them up first.

Find the problem areas. Sometimes, it’s easier and more effective to treat the cause before the sound waves enter the area you’re trying to soundproof.

The Best Soundproofing Materials

If you are aware of where you’re adding soundproofing material and the type of product you’re looking for, how can you decide which one is the most effective?

The top manufacturers of soundproofing materials are able to back their product through a phone conversation to discuss the types of noise they block or is able to absorb.

The greater the product’s STC rating higher, the better in soundproofing. Look at the STC rating chart to see the different levels of noise. It’s an excellent way to evaluate products from different categories and brands.

Are There Any Issues?

Soundproofing frames and windows in certain homes may require permission for the design of the building.

Understand if triple glazing is worth it on this matter and guide you through the approval process should you require. Secondary glazing does not require a permit and can be install within minutes.