Watercolor illustration of a hand painted repair roller

Here are some tips to come up with a winning paint estimate. If we perform the same as other contractors for paint, what will make us appear different? What will make our assessment of color differ from other paint contractors? Certain paint contractors with no experience will use low prices to make themselves appear more professional, which is a foolproof method not to earn money. How do you look to the client? Do you look professional? Do you measure the task, or are you guessing?

Do you complete the estimate in two calls? One the measure call, and the other the proposal? This is the most efficient method, although it will take longer. If you make the measure call, do you try to make your selling? The best thing to do on the call is not to speak up. Your customer might remember the words you spoke of but not the person who said them; therefore, don’t be wasting your selling during the call. Instead, show your bragging at the end of the estimate meeting. Do you provide a thorough proposal or a lump sum? A lump sum offer is an effective way of getting pressured into doing more work since the client can always state that they thought the item was not included. Giving exact numbers of doors, windows shutters, and the square footage room-by-room is not giving the buyer the chance to profit from you.

What is the best way to deliver the estimate for painting? Do not fax or email or send the estimate by mail; the only way to get an advantage is to give the forecast personally. Do you have all the buying participants present at the meeting? You will find out immediately if all the buying parties are present. If only one of them attends, the other could say I’ll talk about it with my spouse. If not, you could lose the job because the spouse you provided the estimate for painting too is not going to promote your job efficiently.

This is what you have to complete. Do you concentrate on being the lowest bidder? If you do, you’re not winning the painting job; you’re selling it. Concentrate on the benefits for the client working in conjunction with your company. The estimation process for painting jobs is the most crucial part of the task, as is what needs to be done. Although it may not appear critical to the customer, if they’re focused and attentive to the whole job and not just the price, they will see that the estimate in the form of an agreement and job description is the most crucial element of negotiations.

Painting contractors who follow the lead can usually bid low to please their customers. Professionals will assume the leadership position and establish the standard. They will outline the task as they know the best method. The customer will not know. Don’t miss the most effective chance of landing a job that is profitable by not paying focus on the most crucial component of the Painting Estimates. Typically, I would measure and write down all my notes into my notebook on paper, then return to my workstation, complete all the math’s, square footage, add all the doors, and finally windows, typically using a spreadsheet. I would then add all the numbers, export the estimate into something like QuickBooks, make changes, create the proposal, and hand it to the client. There is so much duplicated work and wasted time.

If you make these estimates hundreds of times, it becomes old quickly. Through the years, I’ve been thinking of ways to make this less tedious and time-consuming process of estimating painting job costs. I thought about simplifying the process down to its simplest model. Also, I was constantly considering things I could get rid of from the estimation of paint jobs.

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