Bathroom Vanity

Bathrooms are designed to maintain hygiene but you can show off your personality and style. When you remodel the bathroom, the bathroom vanity should be a focal point. Finding the right balance between trend and design is the key when selecting the bathroom vanity.No matter whether you are a minimalist or vintage fan, you have to look for the perfect vanity to match your favorite trend. From single-double units to floor-standing designs, using bathroom vanity cabinets can enhance the look of the space.

Here is a collection of smart bathroom vanities wholesale that you can integrate into bathrooms of all styles and sizes. With these trendy styles, you can elevate your bathroom design with practicality and personality.

1. Go Vintage

The vanity is the best choice to give a vintage look to the bathroom. Vintage can mean anything from the Victorian era or another age. You can consider wooden vanity to get a vintage look. Allow the natural grains of wood to add richness and shine that most other vanities do not offer. Ornate and intricate details with trimming are a must for a vintage look. You can get bathroom vanities in different sizes and color variations, giving a bold and vintage look.

2. Realistic Trend

Now, every manufacturer has their opinion on natural wood bathroom vanities- the difference in texture and wood tone ranges from subtle to considerable. There are many modern bathroom vanities with a warm tone. With them, you can improve the light of the bathroom and give it a cozier and warm look. It works well because it has a natural finish and is usually used in the construction of Saunas.

3. Improve Minimalism

It is a wonderful idea to have a clean and durable bathroom vanity with simple lines and a gleaming white surface. The idea might appear to be intimidating. You can try to add a minimalist bathroom vanity with golden hardware to the design. Minimalism is the new trend. The clean aesthetic is very popular and can last long. Hence, you will not have to worry about frequent changes in the vanity belonging to this trend.As a matter of fact, if you have spacious or small bathrooms, there are many ways to offer a minimalist touch. Elegant designs and subtle vanities, which blend with the remaining space. It provides a sense of minimalism to the place. Go for colors like gray, white, or navy blue as they will complement the space and offer a classy touch.Select a minimalist design and add a faucet in a simple shape. Avoid adding contrasting colors.

4. Modern Farmhouse Trend

The farmhouse trend is a clean and simple design with a rustic feel and look. It includes a woody and rustic texture with quartz or marble countertops. In case you want a natural and warm look, take into account the mango wood vanities. They can be the best material for bathroom vanity cabinet at a low price.The best way to achieve a farmhouse theme in the bathroom is to get a wooden vanity design. It will bring the feeling of softness and comfort.

5. Earthy Trend

People used to prefer a cool tone to warmer ones. But in 2022, one of the most popular colors for bathroom vanities is navy blue. Make sure that you avoid shades of grey.Off-white colors can help in warming things up. The brown or yellow undertone can transform the stark white color into a relaxed tone. Another color you can consider is pewter green or forest green. It will lend some warmth to a dated look. The color variations available for bathroom vanities can make the bathroom earthy and warm but will also make it look more spacious.

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