Home Maintenance

Putting off your regular home maintenance can cost you later. Studies show that at least 45% Americans avoid their home maintenance, until it piles up. 

From chipped paint to clogged drains; the tiniest bits of delayed repairs, end up demanding a lot more time and effort to get fixed. Some issues only require a simple fix. But there are many dilemmas that get complicated with the passage of time. Thus, avoiding them is definitely not a feasible option. 

So, instead of putting the maintenance off, attending to it timely is going to save you. From calling your electrician for regular inspection to keeping your drainage systems clean; everything adds up to keeping your house hygienic and tidy. 

Clean Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust fans are installed with a purpose. They keep your home clean and hygienic, by keeping smell and moisture out. But if they fail to do their task efficiently, there is risk of mold growth. The good news is that you don’t have to do much to maintain them. 

Take some time out, at least once or twice per year to clean them. This will keep them running efficiently for the year to come and will keep moisture out of your home too. 

Clear the Drains:

You can always prevent clogged drains if you look after them beforehand. Keeping them clear is the best way to prevent potential issues. Keep a clog remover tool to clean the drains manually too. You can do so once a week or ask your home cleaner to do it for you. Adopting simple habits can further help in prevention of clogged drains. 

Roof Maintenance:

As important as it is to maintain the internal system of your home, you need to maintain the rooftop. Roof replacements are extremely dreadful as they are costly. Therefore, by taking care of them, you can easily increase their lifespan, ensuring that they last for the years to come. 

Taking care of the roof isn’t a tough task. You can schedule a roof maintenance service once per year and experts can come in to check any potential issues. 

Exterior Paint:

Chipped paint makes your home look ugly, whether it is the interior or the exterior. But as the exterior sets the first impression, you need to make sure that you keep the outside of your home fresh and welcoming. 

Retouch the paint whenever required. It adds up a lot of value to the property and makes it look clean and tidy too. And it is best to retouch the small chipped areas because once the entire exterior is damaged; it will cost you a lot to get it painted. 


Home maintenance is not an easy task. It requires regular effort to take care of your home and make it look warm and welcoming at all times. With these basic tips, you can start looking after your home exceptionally well. Also, do not avoid your regular maintenance or repairs as they lead to bigger and much more complicated dilemmas. 

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