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We understand how difficult it is to give the responsibility of home renovation in Singapore to a random company or individual. With an unprofessional or a newbie, there is a risk of damage and destruction to property.

So, when choosing a renovation company, ensure they are equipped with essential traits. We recommend you to select the HDB renovation contractors in Singapore. But how to decide which is suitable for you? Don’t stress out; we would be happy to help you out.

In our guide, we have covered the important queries that a customer should put in front of the renovation contractor they are thinking of hiring. Have a look!

Questions You Must Ask To The Renovation Contractor

Before you confirm a deal or pay a contractor, you must check out the most important questions that should be asked. This will absolutely save customers from confirming any wrong deals.

Q #1. Does your company have a renovation work license?

It is the first and foremost question every customer should ask their renovation contractors in Singapore.

We highly recommend hiring a contractor that has the required certifications and license. Many government bodies and organizations certify and then provide licenses for renovation. It includes home, office, and other renovations also.

Let’s take an example, you have hired the HDB registered renovation contractor. Basically, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) is an important government body in Singapore that certifies all contractors.

So, if you want a perfectly renovated space, then make sure the company you have chosen should be registered with HDB. They will provide the finest finishing and work quality for the renovation work.

Q #2. What is your work graph?

Asking this important question will provide you with an idea of how the renovation contractors in Singapore you have chosen will complete the work.

You can precisely find about;

  • The starting date of construction or renovation
  • Completion date of the renovation project
  • The exact timing and schedule for every stage  

Understand Work Graph Briefly

Well, a work graph is usually known as a connected sequence of various steps that teams execute to complete the work. Or, in short, you can say it’s a map by which a team executes renovation work. And it consists of the intersection of work, technology, as well as people. If discovered, the work graph is helpful for the team to collaborate and complete work effectively. 

Make sure you ask the contractor first about their work graph. We would suggest you make a questionnaire and ask a few questions such as,

  • How do they provide the days off to their team? 
  • Till when you can complete the renovation work?
  • What will be their schedule?
  • Do your team follow a certain way for completing small or other large scale renovation assignments?
  • Are they comfortable purchasing important things required for the renovation?

Q #3. Do you provide insurance? If yes, then what do you cover?

There are numerous renovation contractors that don’t provide any insurance. So, be aware of them and firstly ask them regarding insurance.

Hiring a low-cost renovation provider might save you bucks but will be a long-term issue. For instance, if the team of renovation contractors breaks something in your space, their company will not pay for them. Any damages or mishaps will not be covered if the renovation contractor is not insured. Thus, think twice before hiring a renovation company and consider the expensive investment you have already made in your home.

So, we would suggest you choose HDB registered renovation contractors. They will offer general liability insurance to customers. This includes the payment if your property gets damaged while renovating it. 

Imagine, while remodeling, if workers break your pipeline and it leads to leakage of water in the home, then what? If a company offers insurance, they will either give money or fix the problem.

Also, ask your contractor whether they include workers’ compensation insurance. It means if a worker gets injured on the worksite, then will they offer compensation? As a result, you will be free from any type of liability. 

Q #4. How many assignments have their company completed in a span of a year (that too in your locality)?

When choosing a renovation contractor in Singapore, ask them about how many total projects they have worked on within the last year in your locality. Putting this question will provide you a rough idea about a company’s success rate.

Hiring a builder familiar with the construction guidelines and rules is great instead of a newbie. They can complete the renovation project efficiently. Also, you can avoid unnecessary barriers or delays in the project.  

It might not be the right choice to select a renovation contractor in Singapore that doesn’t have any idea of working in your location. There would be higher chances of the project being delayed due to no idea about the rules and regulations of a particular region.  

Q #5. Are there any references of previous customers you can provide?

It’s the best way to know about a contractor.

Well, by communicating with the previous clients and references, you will get a clear idea about their way of working. Hence, you must ask your HDB registered renovation contractors about providing some previous customer references. If it is possible, connect with them via call, email, messages, or face-to-face communication.

It would be great if someone from your friends, colleague, or relatives had already worked with the same contractor. Feel free to discuss the perks or drawbacks of working with the renovation contractor.

It consists of;

  • Project finishing time
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Proper schedule, and other important factors.

Note: Don’t ever rely on a single customer. Have a quick check over Google reviews for complete satisfaction. There are higher chances that renovation companies will only offer their satisfied clients’ references.

Wrap Up!

Renovating your space will be the most exciting and enjoyable journey if you know what is good for you. You must consider numerous factors, like the experience of the contractor, the price they are charging, the license they have, etc.

Hopefully, you have enough ideas on the important questions to ask when choosing suitable renovation contractors in Singapore. Moreover, you can go for the one that comes within your budget and fulfill the necessary requirements.

Thank you for reading!

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