Condo Renovations in Vancouver

Are you living in a condo but feeling claustrophobic due to a lack of space? No matter what the total square footage of your condominium is, you may aspire for areas of special interest. For instance, you may long for a home gym, home office, or a kid’s room based on the requirements of your changed lifestyle. Don’t get anxious; getting more space in the condominium may not require you to remove the wall. Reconfiguration of the existing space may meet your needs appropriately.

However, you must comply with the building codes and the local ordinances for the addition or expansion of the space. Therefore, appointing a reputed contractor for condo renovations in Vancouver is the way to go. Make sure they have the expertise to deal with all the constraints when conducting the renovation work.

Beyond all the basics, here are 6 action-packed methods for revving up the space inside the condominium.

  1. Creating storage space
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    One of the most significant challenges you may face during the renovation is carving out more storage space. A good remedy would be using custom cabinetry with shelves designed from floor to ceiling. A key point is to focus on vertical storage options as it requires the least space. Moreover, vertical storage solutions rule out the chances of accumulating clutter and keeping the space clean and organised. If you have been storing festive decor items below the bed, pull them over and stack them neatly inside the cabinets. That way, you can get your hands on your possessions quickly and begin the holiday decoration right away.

  3. Make good use of the light fixtures
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    Making a small condominium look bigger is no easy task but not impossible. Let your ideas flow one by one and pick the options that work. For instance, you can play with the light fixtures to make a small space look big easily. Make sure you balance the natural and artificial light to define the entire feel of the condo. To begin with create an assortment of wall, ceiling, and table lamps with changed levels. More important is placing them in different areas appropriately so that it serves the purpose. Lights create an effect of illusion.

    So, even a small space tends to look bigger and create the illusion of a bigger space. A chandelier should be a wonderful addition to complement your plan. It is attention-grabbing and creates the impact of a high ceiling be it true or not. When it comes to home renovation in Vancouver, a name synonymous with expertise and skills is Roadhouse Homes. Dale Roadhouse has been actively taking on home renovation projects for years now, be it a condo or a single home. So, trust his expertise in adding space to your condominium.

  5. Show your creativity with eating and cooking in the kitchen
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    Are you considering luxury condo renovation in Vancouver? Why don’t you choose a sophisticated eat-in cooking area? Chances are that you will have more space in a luxury condo. So, assimilating the cooking and dining area in one place would not pose an issue. If you know how to customize the space to your specifications, it won’t look that bulky. To add a third dimension, go for floating shelves and display the décor items to express a hint of your personality. A combined dining and kitchen not only save space but also helps you get creatively creative in a mighty way.

  7. Color scheme and space? Give it a thought
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    Brightness defines more space and it holds when it comes to home renovation in Vancouver. Choose the color palette carefully and experiment with a host of options. Pick shades that reflect natural light and inject more space into the condo. Choose white, off-white, or pastel shades and leave your home looking warm and spacious. Avoid dark colors as they tend to make the space cramped.

  9. Remedy for awkward corners
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    Condo Renovations in Vancouver

    Every home has a couple of awkward corners like the area beside the fireplace in your living area or the space beside the bedroom cupboard. Why don’t fill those gaps carefully? Call experts in custom home building to discuss how to best utilize the space. Do not settle for a boring lounge chair to be placed in one corner. There may be a flurry of ideas to choose from. Pull over your kid’s chair in one of these corners and add a table for them to spend time in various activities.

Whatever your individual needs are for condo renovations in Vancouver, a reputed renovation company will walk you through the options. You must feel confident about the entire remodeling plan to ensure that it takes the best shape.